Pluto Direct / Full Moon in Aries – October 2022

Oct 7 – We are in a momentum shift that is ongoing via the current Eclipse wormhole (a short distance between two vastly different realities), with a Solar Eclipse on Oct 25 in Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8 in Taurus. This can feel disorienting, regarding time. Also, Pluto Stations Direct on Oct 8, which creates extra intensity this week – and extra power for breakthroughs, revelations and transformation. Don’t think of Pluto as a negative. 

This is a guaranteed shakeup and shedding of that which no longer serves your growth and evolution, whether you see it or not right now. This is a faith piece if you don’t, so keep your eye on the bigger picture, as this reality is definitely NOT your final destination! Aside from your personal life, we are having a collective experience that will inform the direction and path of humanity and holding a high frequency and loving intention for equality and Oneness is your invaluable contribution. 

Pluto turns Direct on Oct 8 to travel the final degrees of traditional Capricorn until it reaches progressive Aquarius in late March ’23. If anything is complete, outdated, dead or dying in your life, it will let you know – and when it does, resistance is futile. Pluto rules death and rebirth, but it only takes what you’ve outgrown, and it’s always for your Highest Good. 

Practice allowing and surrender with faith that you are available for what’s ahead, even when you don’t know exactly what it is. Trust that within you lies the potential to rise to the occasion – and don’t judge any moment as good or bad. It’s a moment that’s leading you forward on a path that’s unfamiliar to you, asking you to create from a clean slate, a space of innovation and fresh possibilities. Be willing to sit in the unknown, with faith and grace, until you are guided to take action, knowing that All is in Divine Order.

Oct 9 – the Full Moon in Aries is @ 1:55pm PDT with Chiron (Master Healer) conjunct the Moon with Venus conjunct the Sun. The Libra-Aries axis is the “I-Thou” principle, the basis of all relationships, and how we get what we want (or not). Aries is a maverick, pioneer, warrior, and in this energy, you want it YOUR way – direct, high energy and action-packed. Libra is “other”-oriented, sign of peace, harmony, balance and beauty. Libra is the mirror, who seeks compromise, connection and loves a win-win. So where are you on the continuum – are you a “me” or a “we” type – or somewhere in-between?

This is an opportunity to evolve your relationships by modeling and/or asking for what you want to experience, rather than operating in old habitual dynamics that have become embedded. If you’re attracting anything unwanted, it is mirroring some part of you that is unconscious, and you’ve called it in to awaken and liberate yourself.

Here’s a check-in: Do you sacrifice your needs for relationships (as a pattern)? Why? Have you given up your power and called in a bully or manipulator to reflect that – or are you the dominant player? 

You may discover that you are operating in ways that surprise or even horrify you – not at all what you intended – but don’t resist the information. Awareness provides you with the opportunity to heal shadow energy and there’s lots of help available if you aren’t able to shift it yourself. With Saturn in harmony with the Full Moon, you are being supported in your efforts to stabilize and find balance between your will and your relationships.  

Pluto is reverberating and still in flow with Mercury, illuminating hidden information and revealing secrets that can fill in blank spots or shift a narrative completely, once you have all the information. Detective work and deep explorations are favored if you’re willing to dig into dark corners where shadowy material can be buried. When you’re willing, you are ripe and ready for a breakthrough that will set you free and change your life.

Oct 10 – Venus opposite Chiron, allows the Master Healer to continue awakening you to matters of the heart that are calling for attention, that begin with valuing your Self. What about You? Compassion for yourself, your loved ones, others, and all sentient Beings figures prominently.

Oct 11 – First, Sun trines Saturn is good for assessing your current status with a realistic perspective. What’s working, what’s not working, where are you going, what’s needed? Practical planning, methodical actions favored. Do the next right thing. You will feel clear and organized. 

Oct 11 – Later, Mars square diffuse Neptune abandons the left brain and moves into the imagination, beyond “what is” to infinite potential or somewhere over the rainbow. Tap into your Higher Self, spiritual practices, creativity, nature, leisure, rest, or any form of spiritual care. Don’t focus on detailed work or left-brained activities, which will likely prove frustrating and unproductive. 

Oct 12 – Mercury opposite Jupiter – the third meeting of these planets since late Aug, which may bring the conclusion of a story, info you were seeking, a vision you had, good news or something shows up now that expands your horizons (yes!).    

Saturn (status quo) is still squaring Uranus (innovation) for the next week, which you can see by ongoing conflicts of all kinds and weather events. It will be wondrous to witness our evolving world as old, archaic structures crumble and cutting edge creations arise that express the emerging culture that will be birthed. It’s right around the corner (relatively speaking). 

All the chaos, all the change and letting go, it’s all been rehearsal. You know how to do this. You are getting ready for a major shift in Spring 2023. More to come… 

“Pro tip: You don’t deserve anything. It’s all one big giant gift.” ~ Brian Gleason,

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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