Pluto Direct / Blood Moon Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Sept 2015

Blood Moon closeup

From a scientific perspective, this is an interesting Blood Moon Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. Wow, what a mouthful! To explain it, I linked a video from USA Today.

We open the week on the Pluto Station, which highlights issues around power, transformation (death/rebirth) and all things that are hidden from the human eye. This can range from covert actions/intentions to the occult (mystical/supernatural) – and, as always, there are higher and lower expressions of every thing.

Pluto is Stationing to turn Direct – and this is happening on the weekend of a Lunar Eclipse – so watch for MAJOR changes in the world now and going forward. The Pope is in the U.S. for the first time right now, having a dramatic impact on many with his presence and message, an illustration of power coming from love rather than dominance.

You have Pluto in your chart and if it is making contact with something personal for you, you know it! A Pluto transit is never a secret – something in your world is falling apart or being rebuilt, depending on where it is/you are in your process. Just know that whatever has died, is dying, leaving, ending, it has been removed so that you can experience something new that will serve your evolution.

It can be hard to fathom if you’re in the midst of pain, but I promise you, there IS a purpose for everything – you just have to have faith and keep moving forward toward your Highest Good and you will be led to another level of experience.

Even if Pluto isn’t aspecting you personally, it’s affecting others in your world, which will then affect you. So nobody escapes the effects of a major planetary event. Power struggles, hidden agendas and the like are potentially on the menu, so stay in your Higher Self, operate in integrity and focus on love and compassion (while being mindful).

The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Sunday night/Monday morning here in the US is about endings, completions and the culmination of things. The Sun is conjunct the North Node of Destiny, so whatever is leaving (in the world or your life) is moving you toward your Destiny, or Highest Good. Or maybe you’re experiencing the culmination of something, which can feel rewarding or validating.

Our human perspective is limited on planet Earth and we don’t know the bigger picture of what is happening, but something BIG is happening! Stay tuned in your world by letting go of what needs to go. Hanging on to anything that’s outlived it’s “due date” is keeping you stuck or in the dark in some way. Do what you can to move forward in your own life.

Mars (action/will) has gone into Virgo (details, order) and Mars feels constrained there. Mars just wants to GO and Virgo wants to plan everything to a “T,” gather all the data, and put it on a spreadsheet.

To make matters even more tense, Mars is squaring Saturn through Monday as well. You try to take action and encounter obstacles, responsibilities, commitments or restrictions that slow you down – or you experience your own self-doubt and lack of confidence (the dream killer).

And, we’re still in Mercury Retrograde so it’s not the time to begin anything new. Course corrections, yes. Launching new projects, signing contracts, buying a car, house, technology? No. (Interesting that they decide to launch the new iPhone 6s now :)).

You really need to take responsibility for holding a positive outlook and keeping your vibration high. How? Practice love, compassion, kindness — and don’t take anything personally (one of the 4 Agreements :)). Move gently. Be generous. And whatever else you feel will help you connect more with others. Connection promotes harmony and a sense of security.

Remember, you’re part of the wake up crew who came in to help bring more Love and Light to the planet. We’re counting on you :))


We have some significant Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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