Picking up the Pace – April 2021

Mercury sextiles Pluto today (April 2), which supports getting more info, having a deeper understanding or an important conversation that sheds light on a topic that’s confusing, mysterious or incomplete. This can transform a relationship, your viewpoint and attitude or your consciousness via a healing breakthrough that evolves your Being. 

Mercury leaves dreamy Pisces to join the Sun, Venus and Chiron in fiery Aries on April 3-18, as we pick up the pace and the action kicks in. Mercury rules the mind and Aries initiates things, making this prime time for launching projects or birthing new ideas, projects or plans that will propel you forward. All the planets are in Direct motion, supporting your progress and momentum, so get going if there’s something you’re ready to begin!

Mercury rules communication and Aries is direct, so you may speak up about something that you have been pondering or share a bold idea with others. Mercury is a messenger and in Aries, came to make a decision and take a stand. Think about it. What’s your message? Whether you speak it or not, your decisions inform your actions – and that’s still your broadcast. With Mercury in Aries, you may not have much of a filter when communicating, so be mindful…

One more thing – Mercury in Aries is in mutual reception with Mars in Gemini. This means these two planets are in each others’ signs and are working together. This generates lots of info, ideas, plans, conversations and activities that create high energy and forward motion, which sets the tone for the next few weeks.

On April 6, Venus sextiles Mars, creating a warm, lively vibe that facilitates creativity, fun and serves relationships of all kinds. This is a perfect day to reach out, make a connection, have a meeting, play, go shopping or enjoy art (making or appreciating). A spirit of passion is in the air and if you embrace it, it will serve you well and go toward resuscitation and coming back to life. Yes, we so need this!

Remember, the highest expression of mental energy is curiosity, so be curious whenever you feel blank, lost or if you’re seeking an idea or answer. Don’t become frantic – rather, have faith. Trust that all is in Divine Order and take practical actions as needed.  

Pay attention to incoming messages and what you’re interested in, as your intuition is always your GPS. Regarding messages, notice when you receive a compliment or positive feedback. That’s the universe speaking to you through people. Don’t dismiss what you hear – take it in, receive it. Goodness is trying to get through to you and there’s some direction embedded within it!

Either you already have a plan and are into action or you’re still percolating, waiting for more clarity or direction. Wherever you are, do the next right thing, connect with others (in person or online) and trust the messages (verbal and non-verbal) that come your way.

We are in launch mode, ready for action. Don’t compare, stay present with yourself and your process. 

We have turned a corner and life is unfolding in new ways now. Don’t be attached to how you did anything before, because this is a new day. Be willing to feel your way through and know that there’s a  special plan and path for you.

“Whatever you’re thinking about, is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating, you are planning. What are you planning?” ~ Abraham

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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