Passover/Easter Full Moon in Libra – March 31, 2018

We have a Full Moon in Libra that is exact early tomorrow morning – and the pressure is on. This is a dynamic Full Moon with built in challenges, pushing and pulling you to make adjustments where needed.

Libra is about balance and relationships, which is the focal point. Do your relationships feel balanced or are you giving too much? The Sun is in Aries, which is Self-oriented and the Moon is in other-oriented Libra. Real empowerment is maintaining your sense of Self while being in relationship, with give and take. Sacrifice is a lower vibration unless it’s deliberate.

Saturn (structure) is with Mars (action) for the next week and it squares the Libra Full Moon, pushing you to take methodical actions as it brings up non-working patterns or problems. This isn’t a punishment, it’s just making you face reality and create thoughtful, strategic plans.

The call is to focus on the structures in your life and strengthen them – or make corrections wherever necessary. Don’t create drama by latching onto fear-based messages. Focus. Do the next right thing and make your world strong and stable wherever you can.

Feeling blocked? Take baby steps or try Plan B. Remember, you get self-esteem by doing esteemable things, so don’t be discouraged and keep going.

Extra care is called for this week. Be sure to nurture yourself by making positive connections (loved ones, friends, and/or community). This is a life-line that can raise your vibration by reaching out.

The good news? Venus (ruler of Libra) moves into her other sign of Taurus just after midnight tonight. Venus in Taurus loves comfort, good food, flowers, relaxing, sensuality and nature. It’s Earth Mother energy that’s grounding and loves pleasure. Be sure to build in quality comfort before and after work; it will feed your spirit and well being.

Heads up: on Wed and Thurs, Mercury (communication) squares Mars (aggression) and Saturn (authorities/obstacles). This energy is ripe for a fight, argument, or a “No” in response to a request. Easy does it on these days. Not a good time to ask for a favor, make a sale, negotiate or look for warm and fuzzy. Wait if you can.

And Mercury Retrograde continues thru April 15th. Align with the energy of course corrections and planning – and use this slow down as the gift it is.

Stay high and do your work. Get help if you need it (part of your work) – and remember, All is well. Your mindset is contributing to the energy of the world, so be mindful and make it count.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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