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No matter what your dream is or where you are on your path of evolution, you have no doubt experienced the pain and frustration of feeling blocked, discouraged, lost, confused or distracted in ways that prevent you from moving forward as planned. 

Or maybe your thoughts are so powerful, you think yourself out of taking action and never even begin to pursue what you desire!



Do you ever experience:

• Starting off strong, full of enthusiasm and then losing steam?

• Having priorities/commitments — then spending endless hours doing everything but what you’d planned?

• Attracting people who drain the life out of you or keep you busy, so you don’t pay attention to your own needs?

• Over-spending and putting yourself in a tight financial position, stressing yourself out?

• Procrastinating, so you miss out on opportunities — or create panic by not having enough time to (fill in the blank)

• Overwhelm, so that you aren’t able to do much of anything effectively?

• An important event approaches and you get sick so you can’t show up or are not at your best?

• Accidents or mishaps that cost you $$ at the most inopportune times? Or receiving extra $$ and then having an unexpected expense, thereby bringing you back to where you started or with a big bill?


 Then down the rabbit hole you go….


I Sight


You probably have a story — why things didn’t work out or why you haven’t progressed. Your story may not even be about you.

Maybe your child, husband, boss, mother, or some other person made it impossible for you to proceed due to their needs or demands.

You may feel disappointed or even demoralized — and somewhere deep inside you a voice may have whispered, “I knew it wouldn’t work,” or “I knew I could never be/have/do it.”


Giving up


But guess what? The reason you’ve experienced this interference is not really because of the reasons you think. All your reasons make sense, they are logical, but that’s not what actually caused the blockage.  

The truth is that the “no” to the dream, intention or plan is within you.

Welcome to the experience of Sabotage: the Dream Stealer — and you don’t even realize that you’re creating it when it’s happening!

Sabotage can undermine your big dreams, best laid plans and even relationships, with a powerful purpose generated by your ego.

You probably know that one of the ego’s functions is to keep you safe, but why would having your dream come true threaten your safety?

This is a mystery which you might not know about. But I do…  


bridge universe 

Sabotage is sneaky, it masks itself as other experiences, and you don’t realize it’s happening until you’re in it. And still, you think it’s about the story. Then what do you do?

That’s why I created this class.

I want to help you be able to recognize Sabotage for what it is — and when you get thrown off your path, have a way to come back to your power, reclaim your inspiration and realign your focus.

Then  you can reorient yourself so that you are not at the mercy of the energy that wants to keep you stuck, small, or still.  


In this class you will learn:

• What your “mojo” is and how to access it

• The different forms of Sabotage and how to recognize them before you fall into the hole…

• How to pull yourself out of a Sabotaging thought, behavior or event and come back to your center

• Your favorite “go to” Sabotage method — and what you can do about it

• A process that will give you a clear direction forward (that you can use on yourself or with others) 

• How to find your Power Statement (to reclaim & recover your mojo and direction!)




Get tools that will alert you to going down the rabbit hole — and that will enable you to pull yourself back out! 



Over Sab big white

Down Rabbit Hole




You will receive a Overcome Sabotage Teleclass audio packed with info 

and a 30-minute personal Sabotage Session with Lisa

In a very short time, you will see a solution!


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