Nov 16, ’09 – Current Astro Events

Welcome to these intense, changing times! We are currently in Scorpio, which represents issues around power and transformation. This energy can heal and transform by deconstructing what’s outdated and rebuilding to upgrade. The end result is transcendence over old, stale, non-working patterns, structures and relationships, but it’s not always easy getting there, so remember to hold your vision in consciousness for inspiration.

We enter this New Moon with Saturn squaring Pluto, the first of 3 meetings of these two heavy-hitters through August ’10. This means that you can no longer fool yourself or anyone else. It is time to make plans and commit to making the necessary changes that will ultimately transform your life. Hard work is part of the equation but I’m not referring to drugdery, rather, commitment to your goals and to doing whatever is necessary to achieve them.

If changes are imposed on you externally, focus on acceptance, looking for the lesson and operating from your higher self rather than becoming involved in power struggles (don’t go there!). Notice when your authority is challenged – do you trust yourself or do you give your power away to others? Pluto is power and Saturn is your inner authority – a higher expression of these energies is to claim your authority and be in your power by trusting your intuition or inner guidance.

Jupiter and Neptune are squaring this New Moon and can either help you remember that we are all One and in this together (higher expression) or it can trigger excessive/addictive behavior in an effort to avoid anxiety (lower expression).

Your efforts will be well rewarded if you reach out to your community and step up and take responsibility for your life on all levels.

Oh! One more thing… Mars (will/action) is going retrograde from Dec 20th-March 10th and Mercury (communication) is going retrograde from Dec 26th-Jan 15th. If you plan to begin any new projects, I suggest that you take an action to begin sometime soon so that you’re already in process by the time the planets go retrograde. Just want to give you the heads up so that you are prepared!

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