New Moon in Aries – March ’14

Aries Pochybova

Yes, it’s the Astrological New Year on the New Moon in Aries – Sunday, March 30th at 2:45pm EDT. 

This is a significant new beginning and I urge you to use these next few days to get clear about what you want to create or experience for the next 12 month cycle. Or at the least, what you want to create next… 

Uranus (change/Authentic Self) is conjunct the New Moon, meaning that wherever you have compromised your authenticity for security or approval, you will feel the pain of self-abandonment. The level of discomfort you feel is proportionate to your readiness to take your life back. I vote “yes!” to taking it back (of course).

Any changes you experience are an out-picturing of your desire for change, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Know that. If you have tunnel vision and can’t see a way out of your current creation, get another viewpoint from someone with a bigger picture than you have :)

Pluto (transformation) is squaring Uranus and is close to the New Moon, bringing up issues around power. If you feel like someone is doing something to you, look for how/where you’ve given your power away. Then, make a plan to take it back! Power struggles are also an indication of having given your power away on some level. That’s why you’ve attracted the dominant one.

Again, seek help if your pattern is too deeply entrenched for you to back out of alone. But know it can be as simple as making a new decision to stop seeking approval or to say “no” if you always say “yes,” out of fear, guilt or obligation. Support can make all the difference though, and there are many resources available to you.

Jupiter is opposing Pluto and squares Uranus and the New Moon, magnifying all the energy, so if it’s not big enough already – let’s blow it up! Watch for overreactions and extremes, and if you feel compelled to make a leap, be sure you’re connected to your Higher Self (Divine guidance) and not your ego (fear-based).

This New Moon in Aries is usually the time to go full steam ahead, but the ruler of Aries (Mars) is still Retrograde. Therefore, you are still cleaning up and revising old ways of operating, projects, relationships (Mars is in Libra) and relationship patterns. 

Get your house in order. Get your life in order. Get clear about what you want to create next. This is big stuff – this is your life. You have more choices than you may realize so take a step back to get the big picture.

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily to-do list, identifying yourself with the family myth about you are or who you’ve been in the world in the past. Who do you want to be? Who are you deep within? Does your life reflect that being – or is there some shifting needed?

These are questions you can check in with yourself about to help you discover who/where you are and who/where/what you want to be.

All the challenging energy that’s lining up will be with us for the next month, with new arrivals to come (Eclipses, Pluto station and more…).

Know that with every challenge there is the opportunity for a breakthrough, so don’t be afraid of hard aspects. 

Make use of the energy that’s available in order to create needed changes in your life – and get the help you need to make it happen.  This is an opportunity, so please make good use of it! This could be your happiest Astrological New Year ever!

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