New Year Full Moon in Cancer – Jan ’15

Mugwort Utopia


There’s so much happening this weekend; every day powerful energies are rolling in and it’s your job to be conscious and deliberate by deciding what you want to create and commit to – and what you need to let go of for your growth and evolution.

We open 2015 with the exuberant energy of Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) propelling us forward with a “can do” spirit and boundless energy! What a joyful way to begin the new year – and I invite you to use this energy to take action and make plans now.

I know I say this repeatedly, but the more aligned your life is with your Higher Self and the more proactive you are, the less drama you will experience in your life. I vote “yes” for that :))

We have two personal planets moving into Aquarius – Mercury on Sat and Venus on Sunday. Mercury in Aquarius comes up with innovative ideas/solutions and Venus in Aquarius attracts relationships with unusual, interesting people who may open a new path for you. Mars is in Aquarius for a few more weeks, initiating new ways of operating.

The upshot of all this Aquarian energy? Liberation from old identities, old ways of doing things, and old patterns that are now just OLD! 

The call is to birth a New World in your own life. This can be exciting, but you must be willing to feel into and vision your way forward. Examine the aspects of your life and for each one, decide if you want it in your life in 2015. What’s working, what’s not working?

There likely won’t be a road map to follow – you are creating it, day by day, adjusting as needed. You are a Creator, remember? 

On Saturday we have a long (all day) Moon Void of Course, which we’ll be experiencing on a regular basis throughout the month. Just so you know…

You might want to get my Perfect Timing Guide so you know when NOT to take important business/event actions that require a specific outcome. I use this for scheduling business sessions – and even for scheduling first dates, meetings, or important conversations :))

The Moon is Full on Sunday night at 11:53pm ET and it is on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Cancer (home/family/needs) and Capricorn (work/structure/authority) reflect the balance between your home and professional life, your public image and how your needs are being met (or not). Where do you need to make changes? 

This Full Moon falls on the exact degree of the Lunar Eclipse of Oct 8th – and the Uranus (change) – Pluto (power) square are involved. This Full Moon is a highly charged combo sitting on a hot spot. Easy does it over the weekend and move gently. There is likely some letting go required in order to create balance and harmony. 

I uge you to spend time visioning what you want to create for 2015. Whether you journal, meditate, channel, or just write goals – give yourself the space to get clear and open beyond the mind into your consciousness and dream, explore, contemplate to see what appears. 

If you’re stuck in your head, take a walk, move your body, dance, make art, listen to music – do something to shake yourself loose from the grip of the mind that wants to control you. Play.

See what comes through and follow the yellow brick road. I so trust that Higher energy (intuition, creativity, Divine download). I invite you to explore that path and see where you’re led.   

Wishing you a happy, peaceful, inspiring 2015 my friends. Off we go!  

We are having MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week,which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.


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