The New Wave in Aquarius – Jan 20, 2017

Psychedelic SunHere we are in the independent, progressive energy of Aquarius, ready to shake up the status quo with the inauguration today of newly elected President Donald Trump. The time has come to blaze a new trail with innovative approaches to life, personally and collectively.

Are you open to this? Resistance creates pain. Trying to deny “what is” takes a lot of energy that depletes your creating power, so whatever you decide to do – make sure it’s a deliberate decision. Don’t be a sheep just blindly following others, no matter what the path.

Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius – and your Authentic Self, genius, innovation, no rules, and the revolution. Think for yourself and be who you came here to be! We each have our own unique expression of Self and our own contribution to make. What is yours?

The astrology for the week is loosening up some of the aspects that have made life challenging over the last few weeks. Saturn (structure) and Uranus (change) are still in harmony – a great gift that allows you to make changes to create a new construct in smooth, thoughtful ways.

The Jupiter (expansion)-Uranus opposition is nearly over, and if unexpected changes suddenly occur, adjust as needed. Whatever happens, make the best of it. As always, if you have an intention or a destination, you can direct the energy toward what you want rather than just being a sitting duck, hoping nothing happens to you.

Mars (action/will) is in its final week of sensitive Pisces, which is not the strongest expression of Mars. The highest expression of Mar in Pisces is to move intuitively – and the lower expression is passive-aggressive behavior or deflating and giving up.

Use your intuition to feel what’s right for you when making a move. Mars doesn’t have to be weak in Pisces, just don’t try to push yourself when you’re not feeling it, or you can easily run out of steam. Align with the flow and hold your clear intention.

All the planets are in Direct motion, but 5 bodies are in Pisces until Jan 28th when Mars moves into its own sign, Aries. Next weekend you will feel the movement big time!

A strong intention and aligned actions will help you more than anything – and you need to be creating something new. New, new, new!

That is it. You are One with The Force. The Force is with YOU!

Namaste, Pioneers.

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