New SuperMoon in Pisces – February 2023

We are presented with a week that may feel like, everything everywhere all at once, as you will be seeding your future, based on your engagement with lively and powerful multidimensional dynamic energies, shifting and creating plentiful opportunities for advancement. 

Feb 17 – Mercury sextile Jupiter. This can generate good news, positive communications, productive meetings and connections, deals, agreements, info, answers and bright ideas. Mercury in progressive Aquarius is innovative and Jupiter (optimism / expansion) in Aries is ready to go – a dynamic duo! Reach out, ask, make a date, take a chance, trust your genius…

Feb 18 – The Sun enters gentle Pisces at 2:34pm PDT and we shift into the flowy, mystical sign of All That Is, where the nonlinear world rules. Venus and Neptune are also in Pisces, with a creative, compassionate, intuitive stream of energy radiating, but with Mercury, Moon and Saturn in Aquarius, there is an equally intense higher mind innovative vision operating. Best case scenario: allow them all to percolate and synthesize to prepare for the upcoming New Moon and your New Moon Intentions. 

Feb 19 – Venus sextile Pluto, which creates magnetic attractions/connections, deep intense interactions, intimate sharing, potential breakthroughs via a heart-opening reveal, vulnerability and transparency. Best for  when you’re willing to get real and go all in. 

Feb 19/20 (depending on location) – New SuperMoon in Pisces on Feb 19 at 11:06pm PDT – 1º Pisces. A SuperMoon is extra close to Earth, exaggerating it’s power and magnetic effects, and this is the fifth New Moon in a row at 1º of each sign, heightening the “new beginning” energy of the New Moon – an ultra New SuperMoon that’s preparing you for a major rebirth into a new world.  

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, ruling visions from higher consciousness (not the mind), imagination, where infinite possibilities abound – until something resonates with YOU and you feel a connection. Trust any dream (sleeping or waking), vision, knowing, or feeling that’s for you. Your dreams are clues, seeds of your soul’s desires from your highest potential! Dreams and visions come in many forms, so open to uncovering what’s within you during this fertile time of channeling from the higher realms of your consciousness. That’s how dreams, visions and consciousness work – if it’s in your consciousness, it’s for YOU.

The New Moon in Pisces is ruled by big picture Jupiter in Aries, making it self-motivated, ready to start something and get going (helpful!). Venus moves into Aries just after the New Moon, from sweet Venus in Pisces to spicy Venus in Aries – a BIG shift! Venus in Aries is independent, direct and likes to call the shots, so now it’s a “Don’t call me, I’ll call you” Venus! 

Aries is a fire sign, driven by enthusiastic action, and this will support you in pursuing what you desire with passion and focus, without the need for permission or approval from others. It’s time to follow your heart and trust where it leads you, as bold actions aligned with your visions will propel you forward. If you feel what’s missing, go get what’s calling to you! 

Saturn in Aquarius conjoins the New Moon in Pisces, indicating the need to take practical actions to manifest your vision and restructure your life, at least in that area. With Saturn, you always get back in return the effort you put forth, building self-esteem and empowerment as well. All beneficial, all good. This takes you out of your head and into a productive process that creates real results. 

Feb 21 – Mercury squares Uranus, as the unexpected arrives via info, communication or your thinking. Mercury (mind) vs. Uranus (unexpected) often manifests as an overload of info, an ADD feeling (TMI re: volume), chaos or outbursts, where you say what you’ve been holding back (or they do). There’s lots going on and this can clear the air or create upset in the moment due to bluntness. Stay cool and create space. Know that genius and innovation can always come through with Uranus and Mercury, even in a square, but it may not be delivered eloquently. 

Feb 22 – Mercury trine Mars. Now you find info that’s helpful, get answers, direct communication that’s clear and concise, create solutions and solve problems, while expressing yourself with clarity, focus and authority. Very effective and supports manifesting your intentions and visions. All planets are Direct, we have turned a corner, the pace has speeded up and we are flying… 

Vision. Go beyond the mind and what you think you know. This is higher wisdom consciousness through which you can access dreams, creativity and a more expansive, freer, feeling perspective. From this portal of loving, joyful Light, you can rise above limitations and *see* a way though.

You are a soulful Being – the invitation is to step beyond the familiar into a new paradigm creatively designed by you!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

“Dream on. Dream on. Dream on. Dream until your dreams come true.” ~ Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️


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