New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini Sunday, May 20, ’12

4:47pm PDT ~ 7:47pm EDT

We have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the friendly, curious sign of Gemini on Sunday, May 20th. A New Moon is a time of new beginnings, to take action directed toward what you want to create in your life.

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon on steroids, so get on board and take advantage of this dynamic energy!

Gemini rules information, communication, networking, education (as teacher and/or student), writing, workshops, community, media, contracts, email, your iPad, iPhone, computer, as well as ground transportation.

Is there a conversation you need to have, a communication you’ve been avoiding or a class you’ve wanted to register for? Is it time to create or update your website or is there information you need to obtain in order to make a decision?

Are you ready to sign a contract, write the first draft of your book, or enter into an agreement? This is a stellar energy to take an action that will enable you to move forward.

Do you need to network for business, join a meet-up group to expand your horizons (business or social), or are you ready for online dating? Are you ready to pursue public speaking?

These are all Gemini activities: networking, multi-tasking, blogging, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Communication and connection will serve you well. Be flexible and open to new viewpoints, stay curious and welcome the new people, places and things arriving in your life!

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