New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
Jan 4, 2011
1:03 am PDT ~ 4:03 am EDT

The New Moon / Solar Eclipse on Tues, Jan 4th, in Capricorn is a fabulous time to launch a new project or take action toward creating your dream for 2011.

Capitalizing on this Solar Eclipse will be of great benefit to you, so be ready to start something important!   (To learn more about The Eclipse Period click here).

The available momentum in January with all the planets in Direct motion is so rare that it will be a crime to squander it! I know that sounds dramatic, but this is BIG, so think about what you want to create that you can begin now.

We will be coming out the other side of the wormhole (or tunnel) on Jan 4th that propels you from one reality into another that transcends linear thinking.

Your reality may be shifting in curious or nebulous ways and if so, relax into it, watch the “show” and go within to center yourself if you feel out of balance.

Get out of your head and drop into your heart to reconnect with the truth of who you are. Breathe in love, breath our fear, stress, anxiety, doubt or negativity – whatever ails you.

Before making decisions: balance first (no matter how long it takes), then decide.

Venus  connects with Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces generating Divine Love, compassion, the Christ consciousness (All Are One), as well as expansion, innovation, magical creations and outcomes. This energy is available to you around this Solar Eclipse – how beautiful is that?!

Please take responsibility for your consciousness and focus on creating more love, support and beauty in the world. You are the Lightworkers and the leaders who came here to be of service and do this!!

I wish you a beautiful, Light-filled New Year and a prosperous evolution in 2011! I honor and appreciate you.

“I am so grateful for the Divine Love and Light that surrounds us and allows for softening and opening. This creates fertile ground for manifesting that which we could never do alone.” ~ Lisa Zimmerman

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