New Moon Stellium in Virgo – August 30, 2019

We complete August with a New Moon in Virgo; a significant new beginning, with so much activity around it. Along with the Sun and Moon, we have Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo as well. That’s 5 out of 10 planets in Virgo!

Four or more planets in one sign or house is called a Stellium, a concentrated energy that creates an area of intense focus – and in productive Virgo, it’s an opportunity to get things done! Especially on a New Moon, a time of planting seeds you want to grow in the coming days, weeks and months.

The Virgo Stellium is a diligent energy, with the added blessing of a Grand Trine (flowing aspect) to Uranus (change) and Saturn (stability). What a gift! Creative changes and long range plans to bridge the old with the new.

This Grand Trine to the Virgo Stellium supports tasks that require disciplined action and patience, as long as it leads to creative change. This is your “get out of jail” card if you are stuck – and willing to take action. You must not let yourself stay in a rut!

The Sun and Venus in practical Virgo are here to be of service, Mars in Virgo does things the “right” way and will do the detailed work. Mercury in Virgo is highly analytical and cautious (no mistakes!). How can you be of service and what do you want to contribute to the world? These are queries to guide you as you focus your intentions on this New Moon.

Neptune (Higher Self) is in harmony with the Nodes of Fate (Destiny) inviting you to contemplate and feel where you’re meant to go next. Trust your intuition to show you the way and use the Virgo energy of manifestation to take actions to make your dreams a reality. This also indicates Divine intervention, so trust what unfolds for you.

Venus (desires) opposes Neptune (Divine Love) and they both square Jupiter (abundance), creating a T-square all week. This trio can open your world with opportunities – or you may experience endings that feel like sand slipping through your fingers.

You may be confused at times, not clear about what is real and what is just a dream… and where you’re going. Tune in for guidance and to discern what’s the next best step for you.

Allow the Venus, Neptune, Jupiter energy to unwind or dissolve old structures that are complete and no longer needed for your growth and evolution. If something or someone leaves your life, trust that it is/they are being released so you can be available for a new experience or adventure.

Jupiter (big picture) is in its own sign of Sagittarius until Dec 2 and during the next three months you have the opportunity to expand, with optimism and confidence, to manifest high ideals and new possibilities.

Don’t take this dynamic, fiery, can-do energy for granted, as in Dec it moves into heavy Capricorn with Pluto, the South Node (past) and Saturn. Then it will take more effort to make things happen (hard work).

The coming week brings opportunities to create, generate brilliant new ideas and get a tremendous amount of work done. Your energy will be high and you will be motivated to do handle the details that lead to real accomplishment.

Watch for going overboard (Jupiter can do that, with no limits) and stay centered. With all the planets in practical earth signs, you should be in good shape to get things done and create something real. Use the T-square of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune to stretch beyond your usual limits and access a dream.

This week is a beautiful opportunity to direct your future and the next three months that will lead you into 2020. Use the New Moon Stellium to decide what it is you want to create going forward and make your intentions today!

Then take actions to make your intentions a reality. Yes you can…

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