New Moon, Spring Equinox, Mercury Retrograde ~ March 2018

Major energetic shifts are on the horizon this week. Buckle up! The motion is going to rock, float, begin, slowdown and stop with endings, rebirths and standstills. Don’t become too attached to any one position – intuitive flexibility, intention, and patience will serve you well.

New Moon in Pisces ~ Sat, March 17 ~ 6:12am PST ~ 9:12am EST

The New Moon is time to plant seeds toward something you want to create or grow, but this is at the end of Pisces, last sign in the zodiac, so it may be a beginning that is also closing a chapter that’s now complete.

Have reverence for what is complete to make space for New Beginnings. Then, after the Moon is New, write your New Moon Intentions.

Pisces connects to All That Is, Higher dimensions, experiential energy, intuition and imagination, compassion, empathy and dreams. Use this as a time of contemplation and visioning; where you’ve been and what you feel called to next.

Soothing inward practices are aligned with Pisces: meditation, nature, music, spiritual pursuits and movies. I highly recommend “Score: A Film Music Documentary,” as a New Moon activity. It is deeply moving.

Chiron (Wounded Healer) is on the New Moon, squared by warrior Mars. If you’re feeling vulnerable, have compassion for yourself as well as others during this tender time. Your willingness to acknowledge and feel where you’re soft-shelled, with reverence and love, can change your world. And if you’re hurt, have the humility to get the care you need.

Jupiter (Higher Truth, spiritual seeker) is making a harmonious aspect to the New Moon with faith, high ideals and inspiration – and it expands all it touches for the next few days. Dream big, have confidence and “knowing” from attunement with your Higher Self. Trust that feeling when it’s clear.

After the New Moon, Mars enters Capricorn, focused on goals you’ve set with deliberate actions and a methodical approach. This is a winning combo – the expansion of Jupiter and exalted actions of Mars in Capricorn. This is the completion energy of the Sun in Pisces for 2018.


Spring Equinox ~ March 20  

The Sun enters fiery Aries as we begin the Astrological New Year! Mercury (mind) and Venus (relationships, values) are together in Aries, creating bold new “speak your mind from your heart” vibes.

Although this is a major beginning for the year, we’ve just come out of the Pisces swirl of deep inner rearranging and dissolving, so you may still be getting your bearings. Like a snow globe whose flakes are yet to settle.

Are you clear – or is there more to ponder? Don’t rush… you may be going back over recent ideas and decisions as you more forward into the next big energetic:


Mercury Retrograde ~ March 22 – April 15, 2018

All week, Mercury (info, communication) has been standing still preparing to turn for the three week Mercury Retrograde. So take any last minute actions asap!

Mercury Retrograde is the time to review anything that showed up after Feb 20th. Get my free report if you don’t know how to use Mercury Retrograde for your benefit.

Mercury Retrograde is not ominous if you follow the rhythm and use it to reassess, clear and regroup where necessary. Treat it as the gift it can be :))

And don’t be in a hurry – even when we’re in Aries. Be deliberate. Make conscious decisions – and when you’re not sure – investigate, get support or give yourself space. You decide. Be your own Authority.

Feel the rhythm of when it’s time to move or time to stay still. Trust your instincts, as long as they are not motivated by fear (the dream stealer). Connect with your Higher Self, that sees possibilities and the big picture. This is the place from which to create!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…


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