New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus – April 30, 2022

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We have a fertile week of opportunities and new beginnings, even with Pluto Retrograde and the coming Mercury Retrograde. There are so many opportunities, I hope you feel the spirit of potential that’s simmering under the surface. Day by day, new energies will appear and your job is to tune in. 

April 29 – Pluto goes Retrograde thru Oct 8 for the final time in Capricorn, activating deep processing, endings, discoveries and awakening that empowers you to embrace greater truth and wisdom, that is ultimately helpful, even when it’s hard to face. Pluto’s mission is transformation, as it deconstructs what’s shaky or expired to resurrect a fresh, more evolved expression of you and our world. 

This is all part of the USA Pluto Return. Watch for endings, power plays, shocking reveals, and choose an innovative rebuild when appropriate – or a whole new direction. If you are aligned with your Higher Self (intuitively guided), you’ll be on track, in integrity, flowing with the Greater Good. Drop auto-pilot behaviors and old, unconscious ways of operating to be in the present moment, making decisions as the new You. Stay high, knowing that you are under development all the time. Appreciate that.

Also on April 29, Mercury moves into Gemini, which creates busy mental activity, communications, multi-tasking, networking and ideas to build upon. However, because we are already in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde (May 10 – June 3), you may not be able to get much traction with anything you begin now until June. The coming month may bring disruptions and curveballs that shift your attention in unexpected ways between Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipses, so be prepared to be flexible and open to what comes across your radar. It may be exciting, even if it wasn’t what you were expecting!

On April 30 we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 10º Taurus at 1:28pm PDT. This is a new beginning, through a wormhole (cosmic shortcut b/t two vast realities), as energetic portals open that offer you a glimpse into your future, especially with Uranus conjunct the Sun and Moon. Eclipses bring sudden changes, unpredictable, fated events – and this Solar Eclipse in Taurus is focused on values, security, food and $$. Watch for dramatic shifts in these areas – and in your life, consider what you need to create for maximum comfort and care. 

Flexibility is key around Eclipses and don’t judge anything as good or bad, because you never know what the end point will be. Create extra space and take twice as much time to do half as many things to mitigate any potential stress and heightened emotional energy. Just a rule of thumb for Eclipses.

Venus in Pisces rules the Solar Eclipse in Taurus – and it’s conjunct expansive Jupiter with Neptune nearby. Venus-Jupiter in Pisces is a classic love aspect, good for generating $$ and resources, peace, harmony and happiness. You may either give/receive a gift, have an extra-special experience – or just a lovely day. Venus is focused on relationships, so surround yourself with those who lift you up or those you can serve. Neptune is Divine Love, reminding us that All Are One in a precious experiential cocoon. 

On May 1, Venus sextiles Pluto, generating deep connections or healing relationships, passionate love, exploring heart’s desires or revealing hidden secrets. This is harmonious, so it implies constructive contacts that go beyond the superficial, into the deep water.

Venus leaves gentle Pisces and enters warrior, Aries, on May 2 – 28. Here Venus goes after what she wants and she loves the chase! This is a dramatic shift in energy for the Goddess of love, money, relationships and creativity, so take into account whether you need to strengthen your “Me” muscle or whether you need to learn how to be more accommodating in relationships – and if the latter is true, mind your manners. Venus can be a little overly Self-focused and independent if she’s out of balance in Aries – but she’s good at getting what she wants. Do what works for you and use this energy wisely.

Jupiter sextiles Pluto on May 3, inspiring you to use your power and resources to create something positive and meaningful. This is “can do” energy can motivate you to step into your leadership with a community project or other organization to share your gifts. This can bring out the best in you – and others, the ultimate blessing. The Force is with you, so use it.

On May 4 Mars sextiles Uranus, offering unique approaches to getting things done, fast, innovative, progressive. High energy, colorful, sleight of hand (Mars in Pisces), things happen in unusual ways. Attune to the Higher Mind of Uranus and the flow of Mars in Pisces and enjoy this creative ride!

The Sun conjoins Uranus on May 5, motivating you to do something different – a change, a new way of operating, thinking, being. You already have Mars-Uranus awakening you with new moves, so the Sun and Uranus continue the theme by you seeking excitement, rebelling against routine or needing to get out of a rut, a change of scenery or you may have a psychic download. 

If you feel bored or stifled, find an activity that you desire and do it! Feed your spirit what it craves without betraying yourself or others. Stay in integrity and honor your Authentic Self. What is missing from your life that you really want? Find a way to make it happen!

Some weeks are intense and feel dark, but this week feels like green lights energetically, even with the backdrop of war and ongoing drama. Use what’s here and make the most of available resources – seen and unseen. There are many, especially unseen. Your consciousness, your attitude, your perspective – knowing that your presence is important in creating the New Earth. All this is free, and it’s yours. 

Remember to use your Higher Self or Inner Guidance as your North Star, not your Egoic Self that’s looking around to see what other people are doing. Everyone has their own path and own timing. Yours is perfect – and you are right on time.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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