New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus – April ’14

Solar Eclipse Energy
Solar Eclipse in Taurus – April 29, ’14 – 2:14am EDT

We experienced the Grand Cardinal Cross this past week and its energy is still reverberating in the form of endings and issues that are not yet resolved. Let go of whatever you can and realign your intention with what you want to create. 

If you are involved in a conflict or drama, ask yourself how you attracted this into your life? If you really want to be in your power, take responsibility for whatever is happening to you and around you. Even when you feel innocent, if you look closely, you can find something that you did to participate in events that led to the current situation.

The current energy is ripe for breakthroughs and awakenings if you focus on seeking awareness on a new level. You’ve been going through major changes over the last few years already, so this latest round is just the next level of shifting necessary to evolve you further

If you’re feeling stuck or mired in distress, you probably need support to see a bigger picture or to make a courageous move. Set your intention to find the perfect helper(s) for you to move forward. I am so grateful for the guidance and support I receive that enables me to grow and flourish. I wish the same for you. 

There is considerable energy in Taurus as we enter the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Tuesday night/early Wed morning – a major new beginning!

Taurus is the sign of connection to the Earth – practical, concrete, real. It is a stabilizing force and on this Solar Eclipse, it’s time to take ideas and changes you’ve experienced within and make them real in your life.

Taurus rules values and how your value yourself, so where are you with these issues? Are you comfortable with your money situation, do you treat yourself with tender loving care, does your life reflect what you say you value? This is a time to make necessary changes in these areas.

I urge you to put your attention on what is not working, with the intention of making needed course corrections now, so you can flow forward next month when Mars finally changes direction to move forward again on May 20th.

Stay in love, compassion and consciousness – and be willing to grow!

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