New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces – March 8, ’16

Solar Eclipse greyThis week begins with a Mars-Mercury square, Friday and Sat – a hard aspect between the planets that rule will/aggression and communication/info. This setup is ripe for arguments, pushing an agenda (political or otherwise :)), manipulation, verbal attacks, and character assassination.

This calls for mindful communications and self-inquiry before you take action and speak your mind if you’re trying to convince another. Check in with yourself to see if your intention is aligned with your Higher Self or if your ego craves agreement, approval or getting its way. High level consciousness is required to take the high road, but it will serve you well – and it will keep you out of trouble!

Mercury, which rules the mind, moves into nebulous, dreamy Pisces tomorrow until March 22nd. This is perfect for spiritual exploration, creative activities, connecting with nature and All That Is, but it makes linear thinking a little tricky. And how inconvenient for this to occur during tax season (corporate taxes are due March 15th). Pay extra attention to detail work during this time to avoid mistakes – and make the most of your imagination and Higher Self whenever possible!

We have some heavy, edgy aspects over the weekend, so be gentle with yourself and others – and reserve judgment wherever possible. You may not be clear, no matter how real something may seem in the moment.

Give yourself space to step back and reassess if you go into reaction about anything. When adrenaline is activated, my guidance is: don’t just do something, sit there :)) When you come back to your center (non-reactive), then you have a clearer perspective from which to make decisions.

On Tues, March 8 @ 8:54pm EDT we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 19º Pisces. The New Moon energy is always about new beginnings, and a Solar Eclipse gives it super-power energy!

A Solar Eclipse alone creates dramatic, unnatural events – larger than life major changes. Some say the events are fated (you decide), similar to Uranus, but more heavily charged – game changers – where there is no going back to the old way.

This Solar Eclipse is conjunct the South Node (old non-working energy) and Chiron (the wound), so even though we have a major new beginning, there’s something about letting go and completions regarding healing old creations in order to move forward.

This is a big deal. What do you need to complete, let go of or integrate so that you can launch into your new Self, new life? Feel into what that is for you – and decide to take actions to handle whatever you can asap. The time is now…

Also, Saturn is squaring the Sun & Moon on this Eclipse, creating a scenario where discipline is required and there are no free rides. You have to do your work if you want to make changes that are productive for you. That’s my feeling here. What do you need to do? You probably know – and if you’ve been avoiding it, the call is to step up and take responsibility for whatever you need to do.

So this is a no nonsense Eclipse. The Uranus-Pluto square (revolutionary transformation) is still in effect, which you can feel in our crazy world with the non-stop “right-fighting.”

We are creating a new world. A New Earth. The old world is not going down without a fight… what old ways are you holding onto that are holding you back? This is a good inquiry to pursue…

I wish you a peaceful, productive, inspired New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Remember: every charged energy can create a problem or a solution. You decide which way it will go for you on this new beginning.

Above all, know that All is in Divine Order and All is well from a big picture perspective, even when you’re not sure what’s happening.

And your soul signed up for this adventure. ♥︎

We have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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