New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Feb 2017

We have an interesting week ahead with Venus, Mars (the warrior) and Uranus (revolution) all in fiery, direct Aries – while the South Node (the past), the Sun, Neptune (spirit), and Chiron (the wound) are all in dreamy Pisces. This can look like aggression with no boundaries – or integrating past experiences in order to initiate something new. You decide…

We also have Pluto (power) squaring Mars/Uranus, provoking reactive energies or unexpected power plays. Jupiter is opposing Mars/Uranus, blowing it up and making things even more exaggerated. Easy does it. Really.

Do not take crazy risks this week, especially physical ones. Not the week to push it. Be mindful, patient and spacious for best results.

The Solar Eclipse is a time of New Beginnings with a profound impact on your life, especially if it connects with one of your planets. And fated events often occur around Eclipses, so be aware that anything can happen, personally or globally.

This Solar Eclipse in Pisces is conjunct Neptune and the South Node (the past), indicating a time of unwinding old ego structures and integrating past experiences that need to be felt, honored and completed so you can let them go and create anew.

Pisces rules Higher Self, intuition, compassion, empathy, Oneness and imagination. Connect with your inner wisdom and focus on what you want to create going forward – and know what you need to let go of. This is a time for completions and rebirth.

Hold the highest vision for yourself and your life, for others and for the world. Regardless of how things look – what if everything is working out perfectly? We are being led somewhere and you need to be at your best in order to contribute to the Love and Light in the world.

And remember, this is a an opportunity for connecting with the dreams of your Higher Self and taking action to make them a reality. Stay primary!

Namaste, Pioneers.

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