New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini – June 2021

June 5 brings a two aspects that can create problems if you don’t direct the energy consciously, so I suggest that you do. First, Mercury squares Neptune, which heightens the Mercury Retrograde effects big-time. Confusion, misinformation, miscommunications, missing data or delays are all possible today – or feelings of worry, disappointment, disillusionment or victimhood. Don’t go there! 

Use Mercury-Neptune for artistic pursuits (making or enjoying), spiritual practices, writing, connecting, daydreaming, visioning, being in nature – something soft, with blurred lines, rather than sharp edges. 

Right behind that is Mars opposite Pluto – aggression vs. dominance that can activate power struggles, fighting for a cause or evoke anger/rage. This is passionate energy that can be channeled into a project or purpose and can clear obstacles by sheer force of will. Very powerful when you are committed to a goal – but a word of caution: stay in integrity, as Pluto can go rogue to achieve its desires. Whatever you do, don’t pick a fight or act on angry impulses today. Wait 24 hours and see how you feel.

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is on June 10 @ 3:53am PDT. Remember, a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with a striking dynamic – a new beginning and major turning point if it affects you directly. Because this Solar Eclipse is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury and conjunct Mercury Retrograde, it’s an interesting mix of the new, and what’s already in process. 

Pay attention to what comes up around the Eclipse and don’t judge anything as “good” or “bad,” as you don’t know the big picture yet. On the day of an Eclipse, you’re in the dark, so easy does it and relax as much as possible. Eclipses can shift your reality quickly and dramatically – and if you experience this, your job is to stabilize and rebalance yourself. Self-care is primary.

Regarding anything new that shows up, you may want to wait until Mercury turns Direct to see how you feel about going forward with it – or you can explore without committing for now. 

We’re in a shapeshifting world that we’ve never experienced before, so trust that all is in Divine Order and take good care of your nervous system. Fear won’t serve you. Faith will, as you do the next right thing (chop wood, carry water…).

Be willing to embrace the new, especially when you’re being guided in that direction. You can feel it. Trying to hold on to old structures that are crumbling is counterproductive. It’s a delicate balancing act  between the old and the new (Saturn-Uranus, Solar Eclipse-Mercury Retrograde). 

If you were not afraid of the unknown, what might you do? (Rhetorical question to ask yourself :)) Also, everything you release creates space for new people, places, things, ideas, creations and events to appear in. Clear the clutter in your life to make way for new arrivals!

Mercury, Saturn (structure) and Pluto (transformation) are Retrograde now – and Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (dreams) will turn Retrograde on June 21 and 25, so we will have a wave of Retrograde planets following the Eclipses, that will take us back over the territory we have traveled in order to integrate the new input and course correct anything calling for a revision. It’s a deeply personal and multi-dimensional process.

We’re in waves of energy – incoming and outgoing, old and new, back and forth. Saturn square Uranus is running in the background, with conflicts between the old and new ongoing, but something will come to a head on June 14 when that square is exact, just a few days after the Solar Eclipse. 

So we have a few bumps ahead, but I suggest you rise above the fray. Be a witness and watch the show, but don’t buy into the drama. It will lower your vibration and make you vulnerable to other peoples’ agendas. Remain as neutral as possible and stay connected to your Inner Guidance for direction. 

Being non-reactive, flexible and objective are your super-powers at a time like this (and always, really). Stay high by operating in Creator energy, knowing that you are being led somewhere special for you!

Don’t underestimate the revolution that’s happening within YOU! 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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