New Moon in Virgo – September 2018

We begin the week today with a Grand Trine – Mercury (mind) with Uranus (change) and Saturn. This lively yet grounded combo allows for bright ideas to make changes in structured ways that will serve you well. What a gift! Use it well to find innovative solutions, directions or possibilities.

Venus (love, relationships, self-esteem) is in her shadow, preparing to Retrograde Oct 5-Nov 16, so quality of life and relationship issues that you are experiencing now will be reviewed in the coming months.

All week Venus  squares Mars, setting the stage for friction in relationships and for issues to surface. What you do with this energy is up to you. It can either fuel separation or if you’re willing to do the work, can increase self-awareness and intimacy. Sounds simple, but it’s not. However, it’s so worth the effort.

On Sun morning Venus moves from people-pleasing Libra into seductive Scorpio, and on Mon, Mars goes from stable Capricorn into unpredictable Aquarius, making the tension between Venus and Mars much more intense and dramatic in these fixed signs. Easy does it and check yourself before going into reaction with your partner or friend. If you’re open, there’s probably something for you to learn – and at the least, don’t dial pain :))

We have a New Moon in Virgo @ 2:01pm EDT, a time for New Beginnings and to plant seeds that you want to grow. Virgo is the sign of health, wellness and service – it is analytical and conscientious. Specific.

What do you need to do to take care of yourself and how can you be of service to others? What needs attention in your life and space?

Virgo likes things neat and orderly, which is great – except for this New Moon in Virgo has Neptune opposing it. Neptune is the sign of dreams, Higher Self, Divine Love and Being. It is nonlinear, where All are One in the field of infinite possibilities.

Virgo rules the mind and Neptune rules the Spirit. Neptune can also create confusion as it unwinds old stale structures, so if you experience that, please get support. Nothing is wrong!

So this is your opportunity to tap into your dreams and then discern what makes sense for you – and what needs to happen so that you can make your dream a reality. Remember, Saturn (structure) just turned Direct yesterday and is moving forward, which supports methodical actions and commitment. Time for clarity and making plans once you are clear.

Pluto (transformation) connects with the New Moon, giving power to your intentions and actions – and the Saturn-Uranus trine is in the background providing grounded energy for deliberate actions that serve your evolution. Growth and change is the name of the game.

On Mon through the week, Venus opposes Uranus, potentially activating sudden changes re: relationships, your style, $$, maybe even the way you feel about yourself. And Mars (warrior) is squaring both Venus and Uranus, so this is a combustible setup, ripe for squabbles or feeling attacked, a blindside, etc.

The difficulties aren’t necessarily catastrophic, but if you experience this it will occupy your attention until you find a resolution. Be gentle and get support. If you change your mind about something major (relationship?), get a reality check before making any drastic moves. Venus is going Retrograde, so you never know what’s in store for you…

I suggest you focus on a vision for your life, next steps and take actions that will help you move forward. A good way to use Mars energy, rather than fighting, is to put the energy into creating something you want. It will give you a constructive focus that will serve you well.

The more you learn to harness your  energy in productive ways, the better you will feel. Make up your mind about what you want next – and get help if you need it. Feeling supported as you go forward is life-changing.

I believe in you – and in us. Here’s to the next leg of the journey!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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