New Moon in Virgo – Sept 2017

We’re in the midst of multi-level experiences and your task is to learn to hold the bliss and blessings as well as the challenges and lessons. Not to compartmentalize or resist, but to expand to create a container that can hold it all, so you can focus where you choose at any given moment.

The Sun is just moving out of the Saturn square (extra responsibility, hard decisions, obstacles) and Venus kisses expansive Jupiter today, bringing love, beauty, opportunities, gifts.  Allow recent growth pieces to land and integrate as gently as possible.

On Sat, Mercury (mind, communication) connects with Mars (warrior) once again, which can activate sharp works, conflicts, attacks or the higher expression – using your conscious will to direct your thinking and speaking to make an impact. Don’t be afraid, but DO be conscious!

Think before you speak. Ask yourself, “Is this helpful, true, productive?” Impulsive thoughts and words will not serve you, so remember to create space or take a pause (even the 24 hour rule) before you choose to speak out or send that harsh email.

Stay open and be responsible for your words and what you you hear. Your own filter colors what you experience. Watching others fight and being self-righteous by judging them is toxic too, so rise up and don’t engage unless it’s a deliberate action meant to help in some way.

Sunday evening is good for socializing, creativity, relationships or dating as Venus is in harmony with Uranus and the Moon. Enjoy the sweet energy of harmony and unexpected changes or connections!

Late Mon/early Tues is the New Moon in Virgo – time for new beginnings, so take action toward what you want to call into your life. Virgo rules health, wellness, productivity, being of service, discernment and order. Purification. What is useful and what isn’t. Organize or eliminate.

This New Moon is opposing Chiron (Wounded Healer Archetype), which brings up deep unhealed issues; maybe things you thought you’d already handled. Although unwanted feelings and realizations can be painful to feel, use this as an opportunity to take responsibility for your healing.

Anything that Chiron reveals is begging, “Pay attention to me.” Some kind of care is called for. Please find it, without judgment.

We began a major new cycle on the last New Moon which was a Solar Eclipse. Now we are asked to rethink everything, take responsibility for our healing and continue to be open to letting go and taking new paths as the world changes. We won’t be going back to the old ways of doing anything.

Have the courage to step up and align with your inner guidance. You are being led somewhere special, for sure. Stay awake for opportunities and do your work to clear your space for the best and highest use of your unique gifts as the expression of You.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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