New Moon in Virgo – August 2022

We are shifting old patterns and paradigms to birth an emerging world, which – at times, is bumpy and messy – and, at other times elegant and aligned. Uranus, The Great Awakener, has just turned Retrograde and continues to shake things up in order to rearrange and clear the path for fresh, innovative structures and solutions to be created in the days, weeks and months ahead. But not without major labor pains, thanks to the ongoing Uranus-Saturn square creating resistance as we go.

On Aug 26, Venus squares Uranus with a sudden change in a relationship, with $$ or a blindside that leads into the Virgo New Moon on Aug 27. If there’s something within you that’s not fulfilled, working or happy, pay attention. One way or another, you are being liberated from an old behavior, system, pattern or dynamic in order to create a more authentic and satisfying experience for you. 

The New Moon in Virgo is on Aug 27 @ 1:27am PDT at 4º Gemini – a time for new beginnings, to take actions directed toward what you want to increase, create or develop in your life. Because Virgo rules health, wellness, service and productivity – this is a time to get organized. Discernment is a Virgo quality; use it wisely to determine what is useful and what no longer serves your growth and evolution. 

This New Moon is squared by Mars, instigating a push in a new direction or some unmet need making itself known via irritability or a feeling of discontent. If this is you, get the memo and pay attention to the need that anger is masking. Are you afraid to go for what you want – or do you even know what it is? It’s your work to discover the “what” and then take an action toward that end. As always, get help if you need it!

Virgo is an analytical sign and is very good at making sense of data, but Mars will kick you into high gear, which can activate your nervous system. Mars in a square is impulsive and Virgo is deliberate, so get clear before you take actions and don’t vent frustration at others or get trapped in your head in “analysis paralysis.” Let Mars square the New Moon in Virgo work for you by propelling you forward!

On Aug 28 Venus opposes Saturn and now you have a reality check with a relationship, $$ or what you just experienced via a Uranus change (most likely). Everything that squares Uranus will then oppose Saturn, as Uranus and Saturn are in a square. Breakthroughs and reassessments. Now you decide how to move forward after the most recent change, which may be obvious or not. When in doubt, connect with your Higher Self and follow your intuition, as you do the next right thing. 

The week is quiet from here on, until Sept 1 when Mars trines Jupiter and you get a burst of clarity and inspiration, ready for action. This is a high energy expression of manifesting with purpose and enthusiasm that’s as good as it gets. Use it well.

With Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini it’s perfect for sales, pitches, presentations and all forms of communications that can utilize the drive of a Jupiter in Aries expansive spark. Just know, there are five planets Retrograde now (with Mercury waiting in the wings to turn around), so whatever you do – you’ll be course correcting it for a while…

Mercury Retrograde is Sept 9-Oct 2. Click on the link for your free report. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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