May 19 – Happy New Moon in Taurus at 8:53am PDT, the closing of the Eclipse wormhole, with the Moon exalted in Taurus, sign of values, fertility and satisfaction. A new beginning, with multiple layers of cosmic dynamics crossing paths to generate potential for new creations, paths and possibilities. 

There may be labor pains along the way, with major let-gos if need be, but this is a major rebirth! Fertile ground, ripe and ready. Set your intentions, write them down and take actions toward what you want to create, increase, call in or develop on this New Moon, as the effects will be far-reaching. You are planting seeds for your future.

May 19 – Mercury sextile Saturn helps you bring ideas into form, make decisions and agreements, is good for signing contracts, reading the fine print, making plans that last. Use this organizing energy well.

May 20 – Mars in Leo thru July 10. The warrior planet is happy in visible, CEO Leo, where it can pursue its desires at full strength (following sensitive Cancer when it couldn’t). Mars wants to make something happen and now it’s ready to run the show!

May 20 – Mars opposite Pluto, both square Jupiter. We’ve been feeling it, but now it’s exact, and it’s a clash of wills with different approaches – Mars is fast, Pluto has a long game and Jupiter inflates the dynamic. If you are in a power struggle or feel stuck, there’s a lesson to learn or maybe you are clinging to something old that needs to go. 

If you feel pressured to change – what are you resisting? Don’t be afraid of pressure points – this is where potential breakthroughs lie and new discoveries await you! Mars and Pluto working together can move mountains, and the goal is to align the energies and focus on a goal or what is calling you forward, probably beyond your familiar comfort zone onto a new path altogether. This can lead to a life-changing direction, decision or awakening. That’s what we’re doing now… life as we know it is changing. 

May 21 – The Sun enters friendly, curious, social Gemini and we light up with conversations, information, communications, and the desire to connect with others. This is mutable, flexible energy – and you never know who you’ll meet or what you might learn that will inform a future creation, community or path. 

May 21 – Sun trine Pluto can present a solution to a dilemma or feeling of stuckness you encountered with Mars-Pluto, opening a clear pathway that you hadn’t seen before. Or you access your power by utilizing your own gifts, strengths and talents in order to facilitate your growth and evolution. Stay awake and be open to being surprised! 

May 22 – Sun sextile Mars is enthusiastic, upbeat, full of ideas and ready to go! This is prime time for starting things, taking action with it’s high energy. Yes, yes, yes!

May 23 – Mars square Jupiter can generate overconfidence, overspending, overpromising, overextending yourself or literally speeding. You can go unconscious with grand plans until you’re faced with reality. Don’t go overboard by being so passionate you lose touch with reality. But this aspect can also provide extra courage to handle a task or project you wouldn’t normally attempt, allowing you to discover new strengths within you. Use judiciously and just check in to see if you’re aligned with your Authentic Self for your Highest Good – or if you’ve gone down the rabbit hole to ego gone wild (more, more, more!). 

May 24 – Venus square Chiron invites healing around your value(s), $$ or love, something you’re aware of because the wound has been re-activated or because you’ve achieved a breakthrough, and therefore, a new level of mastery in your healing, maybe to help others. Whatever comes up, know that it has a purpose and I invite you to consider the effects on you and your life so you can be free. Nothing is random – everything is for your benefit and soul growth in Earth School. 

On this New Moon in Taurus, followed by the Sun in Gemini early on May 21, consider this a rebirth, and be open to where you are being led. Don’t expect a familiar path, be open to creating from an inspired, innovative space that aligns with your inner values – what you love and what brings you true satisfaction. 

Be willing to see life from a new perspective as you recreate your life. It’s GO time, in a most beautiful, grounded way! As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“The entire universe loves me, serves me, nurtures me, and wants me to win.” ~ Edwene Gaines


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