New Moon in Taurus – May 4, 2019

The Sun moves into earthy Taurus later today, May 3, slowing down the pace as we sit in the dark of the Moon, ending one cycle before tomorrow’s New Moon activates the next. The (dark) Balsamic phase is ordinarily a quiet time, but with the Moon Void of Course, especially so today. Hold your important decisions and actions for tomorrow after the Moon is New.

Use today to contemplate what you desire, as your intuitive energy is likely high. Savor this space and don’t rush into anything, but make your New Moon Intentions and write them down!

The New Moon in Taurus is Sat, May 4 at 6:46pm ET. Taurus rules the Earth, your body, the physical world and your values (what you value and how you value yourself). This is the time to take an action, no matter how small, toward what you want to create or call into your life.

Taurus loves comfort, pleasure, practicality and the material world, always wanting to know: what is mine (my things), what is real, and where is my money? And it’s the sign that least likes change, which is a real challenge with Uranus (sudden change) in Taurus for the next seven years!

If Taurus rules your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign, money is a BIG deal for you. Security. What you can count on. It matters a lot! This is not the “living on the edge” or “take a huge financial risk based on faith” sign. With Uranus in Taurus now, you’re going to major in lessons around change, security and control.

Taurus loves pleasure, which I think is a lost art in our American culture, that is obsessed with work and consumption. What brings you pleasure? Are you receiving as much as you’d like – and if not, how can you build in more?

On Sun, May 5, Mars opposes Jupiter activating speedy, scattered energy. Slow down and consider opportunities, possibilities and connections, as there may be lots of activity. Enthusiasm is built into this setup, which is great for a stretch, but your judgment may be off. Be mindful if you want to say “yes!” to everything or feel ADD with too much going on. Use the Taurus energy to ground.

Mercury enters Taurus on Mon, May 6 for two weeks. Mercury in Taurus is deliberate and likes what’s practical, real and financially solid. Focusing on money matters will serve you well, as well as business and security.

May 7-9 has an interesting mix of dynamic aspects, back-to-back, that will stir the pot and activate different areas of your life.

Venus ($$, relationships, values) squares Saturn on Tue, May 7, that can highlight $$ issues, self-doubt or challenging relationship dynamics. And it can show you what’s calling for attention in your life re: Venus matters.

On Wed, May 8, Mercury (mind) is conjunct Uranus (genius), activating your brilliance, out of the box thinking/solutions or radical new ideas and interests. The Sun connects with dreamy Neptune later that evening to open your Third Eye (intuition) to higher dimensions if you place your attention there. Or maybe you’ll download a new vision via your dreams.

The possibilities are endless, beyond anything you know now, so create space to tap into this extraordinary potential! And the Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in Taurus, which wants to make your ideas REAL. Wow!

On Thur, May 9, we have a lucky Venus-Jupiter trine, bringing a wonderful gift or opportunity, followed by a Venus-Pluto square, that can challenge Self-esteem, $$ or a relationship by revealing something hidden or a power play. Should be interesting… like good news, with a piece of work behind it that you weren’t expecting. You will handle it, whatever it is. You are building your inner muscle with yet another growth experience :))

What a week! Get in the game, be bold, and know that there’s a profound purpose for your life. You discover new dimensions with every step forward, so have the courage to seek and live your truth.

Plant seeds for your evolving life on this New Moon in Taurus and as the month unfolds, watch them take root and begin to grow!



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