New Moon in Taurus / Jupiter in Pisces – May 2021

This is one of the most magical weeks of the year for new beginnings, stabilizing and expanding your consciousness to manifest your dreams. You can decide to allow life to nourish you and then incorporate that intention as a daily practice. Your life will change when you focus on receiving, in balance with doing/giving. 

This is the calm before the chaos of the Lunar Eclipse on May 26 and the Saturn Station on May 23, so take advantage of this harmonious, fertile container. What you put in place now will have legs to grow and wings to fly.

On May 8 Venus squares expansive Jupiter, activating your generosity and desires, with no (or few) limits. This can manifest as spoiling others or yourself, a splurge or overspending, either for a luxury item or just spending more than you normally would. For those who live large as a lifestyle, this can take it to the next level. Venus is in Taurus is the best gift-giver ever!

Venus is love, $$, relationships – and in a square to Jupiter, it is likely overdoing it in some way that feels good in the moment. It’s the repercussions that bring the reality check, when you have to show up after over-committing or pay the bills. So enjoy and stay conscious. This can also bring a healthy balance if you’re hyper-frugal and deny yourself indulgences. Give yourself (or a loved one) a gift! 

Later on May 8, Venus leaves sensual Taurus and moves into curious Gemini, where it’s all about communicating and socializing. Think of the butterfly, flitting around from flower to flower and that’s Venus in Gemini, flirty, light, friendly and upbeat. Venus in Gemini is great for online dating, social media and friendships, very verbal and curious to know about everything!

We have a New Moon in practical, earthy Taurus on May 11 @ 12pm PDT, ruled by Venus in Gemini, creating a lighter, more flexible Taurus New Moon than usual. Taurus rules the physical world, your body, as well as what you value, $$, and how you value yourself. Taurus loves comfort, pleasure, security and the material world, always wanting to know: what is mine – and where is my money? With Venus in Gemini, you may be able to shift a position (if needed/desi

The Sun and Moon are together in peaceful, patient, persistent Taurus and they sextile flowy Neptune, activating dreams, higher consciousness, compassion, imagination, intuition and your inner world. It is rich – and this softens the edges of the 3D world, leading you to higher dimensional awareness, where your inner knowing has messages and images for you. Create the space to go within, be in nature or just be quiet so downloads can come through. Noise and activity can block your channel. Stay open…

Mars sextiles Uranus on the New Moon, creating innovative or radical actions, a unique way of engaging that’s authentic for you. Rather than following the old routines, do something new to activate your New Moon Intentions. The energy is calling for you to uplevel (old actions = autopilot), so use your intuition and be creative! Mars sextile Uranus is ready to go, so expect an open path of opportunity. 

On May 12 Mercury trines Saturn, allowing you to ground all those Gemini ideas and connections and make them into something real, lasting, with structure. This is the perfect day for launching a program, a project, signing a contract, making a purchase or an agreement. Think: long-term. Saturn makes things that last, rather than the thrill of a short-term high.

The Sun sextiles Neptune on May 13 and we are immersed in the flowy energy of imagination, dreams and The Undoing. Creativity and imagination are accessible in this finely tuned sensitive and receptive space, so open and allow your visions to come through and you can become your new reality. Anchor them in with actions, as we’re still in the wake of the New Moon. 

The big news is Jupiter moving into Pisces on May 13 through late July ’21. Jupiter is the traditional Ruler of Pisces, so it is at home here, able to create expansion, abundance and inspiration in this emotional, intuitive sign. This can awaken fresh insights and blessings of all kinds – an optimal time for manifesting desires and dreams, as well as allowing your world to literally expand. Do something new.

Jupiter rules foreign travel and other cultures, so look for shifts and benefits in these areas. No matter what, this is a gentle, uplifting frequency for re-examining old beliefs with more compassion for All.

Wow, wow, wow – what a week of fertility and opportunity! We haven’t seen anything like this for a long time and I urge you to set intentions for the New Moon and take actions to make your visions manifest. Bring them down to earth. You can bi-locate by embracing the higher dimensions, while  operating in 3D with practical, methodical actions that align with your dreams.

Enjoy. Appreciate. Slow down and be mindful as you participate in the cycle of creating and receiving the abundance that is available for you. Don’t block the Goodness with mind chatter or doubt. After all we’ve been through, your job is to open and engage, with vision and faith. Yes you can.

Wishing you a week of peace, alignment and positive flow, as you create your life to honor your evolving Self. 

“Every day is a renewal. Every morning the daily miracle. This joy you feel is life.” ~ Gertrude Stein

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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