New Moon in Taurus / Jupiter Direct – May 6, ’16


We open the week with a New Moon in the practical, earthy and grounded sign of Taurus. Taurus rules the Earth, your body, the physical world and your values – what you value and how you value yourself. Do you treat yourself as the precious Being that you are? I hope so…

Taurus loves comfort, pleasure, practical things and the material world, always wanting to know: what is mine (my things) – and where is my money?

If you have the Sun, Moon or Taurus Rising, money is a BIG deal for you. Security. What you can count on. Yes, it matters a lot! This is not the “living on the edge” or take a huge financial risk sign. Taurus is a builder, moving slowly and steadily with a plan. It is the energy of manifesting abundance – and on this New Moon, that is being supported by a profound planetary lineup!

The Sun and Moon are together in peaceful, patient, persistent, practical Taurus. In harmony with them is Pluto, planet of power and transformation, while aligning with all of those planets is happy, lucky, Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance. Jackpot!

But wait, there’s more… :))

Expansive Jupiter is flowing with Venus ($$, creativity, love). This is an optimal time for manifesting desires and dreams, as all these planets mentioned are in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), which make things REAL.

The New Moon is always the time to plant seeds and start something that you want to cultivate, develop or grow. However, we have Mercury (communication/info) and Mars (action/will) Retrograde, so this is a time for reviewing, revising, reclaiming and re-anything!

Reawaken your mind and imagination. Discover a bigger picture and new perspectives that open portals for you. Let life be wondrous. Allow yourself the experience profound pleasure. Think of what you can give yourself, or ask for and allow yourself to receive. Fill your empty tank with nurturing, care and bliss – and see how that serves you.

Take an action to re-create anything in process or do some behind the scenes planning after the Moon is New tomorrow. Make good use of this energy, that is ripe and juicy with possibilities and positive flow.

This is expansive, positive, “can-do” energy that often makes once impossible things possible because it gives you the confidence to move forward in ways you may not have dared to before.

Just remember, the wind IS beneath your wings when you have the courage and make the commitment to go for your dream.

Wishing you a week of peace, realignment and abundant flow while you recreate your life to fit your evolving Self. You are worth it, my friend and fellow traveler. Never forget that. ♥︎

Get get your Mercury Retrograde Report if you don’t already have it so you know how best to work with the energy.

**** We still have MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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