New Moon in Taurus – April 22, 2020

We have another week of energetic ups and downs. You can decide in advance NOT to allow every bit of news you hear to dictate your emotional state – and if you feel off, have a plan in place for your Self care. One day at a time…

The Sun completes its journey through Aries today and tomorrow (April 17/18). Because it’s impulsive, action-oriented and wants action now, unimpeded, our current limitations have been a challenge for the Sun in Aries. But it is good for getting things done, so make use of the last few days.

Today (April 17) Mercury sextiles Venus, supporting positive and harmonious communications/messages, connections and creative expression. Fun, funny social media. A good day for sales, storytelling, sharing a creative gift or enjoying those of others. Make the most of what’s available – and focus on appreciating the good.

Mercury sextiles Mars on April 18, fueling the impetus to speak up about anything you’ve kept to yourself that needs to be shared. Mercury-Mars is also good for selling – an idea, a product or a viewpoint. In harmony, it solves a problem and feels supportive or enjoyable. Watch what happens or make it happen!

Major energy shift on April 19, when the Sun enters Taurus, sign of the earth, security, $$, values and the material world. Everything slows down as there’s a greater desire for comfort, peace and practicality.

Taurus is the fertile sign that likes what’s familiar and moving slowly. On April 20 the Moon is in Aries (go, go, go!), which can stress the nervous system as the Taurus Sun seeks an even pace. And the Sun is approaching a square to heavy Saturn on April 21, so that energy is in the mix, too.

The Sun square Saturn brings obstacles, delays, hard decisions, pessimism or conflicts. Consider this a reality check and remember that you always have a choice; you don’t have to react emotionally to everything that happens.

This may be about the government (Saturn). It looks like the latest conflict is the Federal Govt vs. Governors re: how to fund the care and support needed for the public and when to reopen the economy. Drama may ensue…

You may have your own decisions to make or challenges to negotiate now. Do what you can to handle your business and stay present. Be Spock (logical). Emotions can take you down the rabbit hole.

The New Moon in Taurus is on April 22 @ 10:26pm EDT, a time for planting seeds and new beginnings. And this New Moon is conjunct Uranus (change), so there’s an urge for freedom and release from restrictions.

Write your New Moon Intentions (state what you want as if it’s already here), and take actions after the Moon is New. I urge you to tap into your uniqueness and think out of the box when seeking solutions, to shift in new ways. There’s real freedom in your creative innovation!

Taurus rules the physical body, and your care is now more important than ever, especially when it comes to considering how/when you will emerge back into life. Don’t be a sheep. Decide what’s right for you every step of the way and take good care of yourself.

You will never be sorry for making sure you receive impeccable care. It’s an act of Self-love for your preservation and well being.

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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