New Moon in Scorpio – November 2023

The main event this week is Uranus, the Great Awakener, that’s in the mix this weekend and opposes the New Moon in Scorpio, bringing sudden changes to shake up your life and twists to disrupt old patterns. This also gives you the opportunity to make needed changes to prepare for 2024.

Nov 10 – Mercury square Saturn. Mercury in Sag shows up with a big idea (always) – and Saturn shuts it down (the adult in the room). Mercury in Sag is full of fire, but doesn’t think things through. Saturn is the reality check, extra work, or something that either deflates the balloon or creates a delay by forcing a process to be fulfilled. Not necessarily bad, just extra work. Or it’s a conflict of viewpoints, having to defend your position or explain yourself to clarify. 

Nov 11 – Mars opposite Uranus. This is a pattern-breaker and freedom-seeker. Mars wants independence and Uranus is a disruptor, activating the unexpected – and in opposition, this is a combustible duo. Could be an earthquake, a surprise attack, a breakthrough, a brilliant innovation or breaking out of a rut, but something will happen. If you feel stuck, this aspect can spur you to make a move, and if you’re impulsive – get a second opinion before taking action. Be mindful and move consciously today, as people may be on edge and easily triggered. 

Nov 13 – New Moon in Scorpio @ 20º at 1:27am PST. Set your intentions and take action toward something you want to call into your life. Mars conjoins the Sun and Moon and they oppose Uranus, creating a volatile energy that can be explosive, can generate breakthroughs, breakdowns, and can disrupt the status quo, whether world events or your personal life. The goal of the breakdown-breakthrough is always a “cosmic-upgrade,” and it only takes what is no longer viable and needs to go. If something leaves your life, know that it will be followed by something that’s more congruent with your evolving Self. 

Scorpio rules transformation and power and the ultimate result is transcendence over old, stale, non-working patterns, structures and relationships. Trust in the cycles of life, knowing that whatever comes up that is uncomfortable or dark has come up to be recognized and healed, released or integrated – and you are being asked to step into your power. 

Uranus rules your Authentic Self, so look at how you’re living and where you’re out of alignment with your truth. It deadens your spirit when you abandon yourself to fit in, rather than daring to be real. Now is the time to break the chains (inner or outer) that keep you locked in old patterns, living like a hostage. It is so freeing to be your Self – and you deserve to experience that, even if you take baby steps to get there. If you need help, let me know.

Neptune is in harmony with Mars, Uranus and the New Moon, calling you within and inviting you to attune to your inner state of Being and discern where you are. Your inner world is rich and filled with insights when you learn to go in and explore. The outer world is noisy, whereas your inner world is peaceful and it’s your North Star – your *true* reality. Don’t miss the beauty of the magical, nonlinear world where All Are One.

Nov 15 – Mercury sextile Venus. A flowing, social, light, easy way of connecting with anyone, but especially those who you hold dear in your heart – or expressing your creative gifts joyfully. A pleasant, easy day – and we love that!

The world is in a state that is too harsh for the heart and mind to process, so it’s important to maintain a witness space. Stay high, don’t allow yourself to be dragged down by the drama. Choose love, do your personal work to center your Self and stay on your path. 

Stop judging. When you judge others, you judge yourself. Make it a spiritual practice to stop judging and see what happens. 

Projection is a Scorpio-ruled domain of the unconscious. It’s all about you. The things that bother you in others are your disowned material. Don’t miss the opportunity to evolve, awaken and integrate unconscious beliefs by living in judgment of others, no matter how it’s disguised (caring, analysis, etc.).

And watch your beliefs – they interfere with you being fully present, no matter how right you think you are. Human egos created all these wars, conflicts, extreme rules and laws – with everyone thinking they are right. 

My idea of power is the ability to access your gifts, strengths and talents and utilize them joyfully, in service to the Greater Good. That is my wish for you and everyone, knowing that it is meant to be.

Wishing you a powerful, transformative week.

“Life altering experiences are always unexpected, otherwise, they would never be as impactful as they are.” ~ Stephanie Azaria

“Potential is always bigger than the problem.” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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