New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 11, ’15

New Moon in Scorpio

You will be called to shift this week as Jupiter (expansion) is inconjunct Uranus (change/revolution) – and Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer) opposes Jupiter. This can indicate that there’s an adjustment that needs to happen where you may have stretched and need a course correction in order to stabilize. If so, just do the next right thing to realign and find the new ground that feels right for you.

Even though the Pluto-Uranus squares are technically over, the energetic reverberation continues to affect us like the wake from a speedboat after it has zoomed by. This creates vibrational ripples and waves that help us to “shake off” old, outdated energies that are no longer relevant. That doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable or easy…

If you are experiencing any discomfort during this time, check in to see which old behaviors, habits, beliefs, ways of operating or relationships are being affected – and what needs to be let go of.

We have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which are optimal times to do the work and connect with your Inner Guidance to get your priorities clear, as well as creating your New Moon intentions.

We have a New Moon in passionate Scorpio, on Wed, Nov 11th at 12:47pm EST that rules issues around power, control and transformation. This is the energy of death and rebirth – and when you’re experiencing an ending, the guidance is: let go or be dragged! Don’t try to hang on to what’s redundant, complete or outdated.

Emotions are intensified and your desires may be strong, so check your motives before you act: are you in integrity seeking to contribute to the Greater Good – or are you operating from ego-driven or fear-based desires?

Watch for obsessive thinking that can blind you to the big picture. Examine your choices and make decisions with consciousness from your Higher Self. This is true empowerment.

It takes courage to let go of what’s familiar and sit in the void until the next step is revealed, which is part of the process of transformation.

Trust in the cycles of life, knowing that whatever comes up is here to be seen and healed, released or integrated. Check in and examine the ways in which you give up your power and then commit to releasing behaviors and ways of being that don’t serve you.  It is time!

Remember that Scorpio rules everything that’s hidden, including hidden talents, and you never know what wonderful gifts may await you! You can always include discovering hidden gifts in your New Moon Intentions :))

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