New Moon in Scorpio / Neptune Direct – November 2017

This week I offer a check in: what’s driving your decisions – fear or love? Tomorrow’s New Moon in passionate Scorpio rules issues around power, control and transformation – what to release and what to keep in your life.

Scorpio activates metamorphosis by deconstructing what’s no longer viable followed by a rebirth or “cosmic evolution.” The ultimate outcome is transcending old, stale non-working patterns, structures and relationships.

Be proactive by examining how and where you give up your power – and then commit to releasing behaviors, thoughts, and ways of operating that aren’t serving you.

With Scorpio, emotions are intensified with strong desires, so check your motives before you act: are you in integrity, seeking to contribute to the Greater Good – or are you operating from ego-driven, fear-based or selfish desires?

Watch for obsessive thinking, which can blind you to the big picture. Examine your current choices and make decisions with consciousness from your Higher Self. This is true empowerment.

Uranus (change) aspects the New Moon, asking for an adjustment. Either do something new, or do it a new way. Alternative, with the intention of an upgrade. Our world is rapidly changing and you need to grow and change, too.

Chiron (Wounded Healer archetype) is trine to the New Moon, highlighting healing, compassion and a call to realign your identity with your true purpose. Be open to claiming your gifts as a healer or spiritual teacher – and be willing to come out of hiding and share! Be in discovery mode…

Mars (warrior) squares Pluto (power) on the New Moon, so don’t get into a power struggle or take the bait for lower energy (jealousy, envy, put downs or out of integrity actions). Direct the energy to generate actions that serve your intentions. Be ethical with conviction. Stay high.

On Wed, Neptune turns Direct, with a soft, nonlinear energy of Oneness for awakening – or you may experience confusion and spaciness. It’s been unwinding old structures since mid-June 2017 and it’s time to move forward in flow, with love and compassion for all.

If you feel lost, unclear or overwhelmed, widen back and relax. Remember that All is in Divine Order and then do the next right thing. If you get jammed up, take a walk and shift your vibration. When you’re relaxed you can open to what’s available for you.

Use the energy of Divine Love and compassion to connect with your Higher Self and the bigger picture of what your Spirit wants. Where are you being called? What are you being guided to do? What is your real purpose here on Earth? I assure you, it’s not to get more approval, recognition, “likes,” cash and prizes or a 401K.

During this time of profound rebirth, following the call of your heart and Higher Self will guide you to make radically different choices than you would through the voice of your ego, which thrives on competition, security, fear and separation.

Use this opportunity to realign in a meaningful way. This is your life and the choices you make will determine the outcome that you experience. Allow yourself to be of service in a way that makes you feel alive and fully connected. You will be forever grateful – and happy.

Remember, those who are in their power have no need to dominate or control – they feel safe and secure knowing that they are operating in integrity, aligned with the Greater Good.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…



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