New Moon in Scorpio/Mercury Retrograde – October 2019

Today we awaken to a passionate Pluto-Venus combo that can activate deep desires, intensity and magnetic connections, especially re: $$ and love. Watch for obsession or jealousy (lower expressions), and if you’re compelled to take decisive action toward anything important, wait until later. Because…

The Moon is Void of Course from 9am-4:20pm ET, which is good for routines, leisure or creative/spiritual pursuits, but not for doing business, making dates or important purchases, sales. The astrological wisdom is that actions taken during MVOC don’t work out – or plans go awry, so take heed.

All weekend we’re in Dark Moon energy (preceding the New Moon), which is a time for rest, reflection and preparation for a new beginning. It’s a fertile period and ideally, this liminal space would be quiet, but not this time.

We have major aspects that are here to shake us up and push us to reassess decisions and directions, so pay attention and be flexible this weekend. Use the Uranus energy to facilitate changes you want to make to shapeshift your life!

The New Moon is in deep, intense Scorpio that rules issues around power, control and transformation – what to release and what to hold on to. Scorpio creates metamorphosis by deconstructing what’s no longer viable and the following rebirth creates a “cosmic upgrade.”

The ultimate result is transcendence over old, stale non-working patterns, structures and relationships. Emotions are intensified and your desires are strong, so check your motives before you act: are you in integrity seeking to contribute to the greater good – or are you operating from ego-driven, fear-based or selfish desires?

Watch for obsessive thinking, which can blind you to the big picture. Examine your current choices and make decisions with consciousness from your Higher Self. This is real empowerment.

The New Moon is a time for setting intentions for the coming month (and beyond). However, Uranus (change) opposes this New Moon in Scorpio on Oct 27 @ 11:38pm ET, creating a plot twist that may catch you by surprise and impact your plans – and your confidence, in reaction to shocking events or info.

At the same time, we have Mars (action) square serious Saturn, which can feel like a roadblock or not seeing any solution that feels right. The higher expression of Mars and Saturn is deliberate thinking, methodical actions, and patience when plotting your next moves. Slow down and stay committed to your goals, even when you can’t see a way (yet).

If you are caught off-guard, your job is to stabilize and find your center. Your worried mind won’t come up with solutions that are aligned with your Higher Self until you rebalance. If there’s no clear decision, don’t do anything until you have to (and even that is subjective :)).

Be objective, look at the facts and then see what’s possible. Get another viewpoint. This can be an opportunity to practice shifting and to find new solutions that lead to new experiences. After all, a shake up IS meant to be a wake up!

On Oct 28, Uranus is still opposing the Sun, so more unexpected movement or events are on the menu. Watch the show and don’t take actions until you are clear and ready, preferably, not today. Something is opening up and more will be revealed. And take good care of yourself in the meantime.

Mercury (communication) and Venus (love, $$, desires) connect on Wed, Oct 30, making it a beautiful time for conversations, connections, networking or beautifying. Allow yourself to give and receive love, which softens and harmonizes your nervous system and nurtures your heart. We need this.

Mercury is slowing down, preparing to turn Retrograde on Halloween (Oct 31-Nov 20). Boo! Get your ducks in a row (get organized), back up your tech, check your car, double-check travel plans and schedules through the holidays so you can relax. And if you have to make a major purchase, do it asap.

The changes we experience over the weekend through early next week will be in the mix during the Mercury Retrograde period, when we’ll be reviewing, reconfiguring and reorganizing life, post-Uranus, personally and globally.

Find your North Star on this powerful Scorpio New Moon. Don’t let current events freak you out and take your mind hostage. Find the best ways for you to create balance, peace and stability. Even if this feels like a demanding task, you can do it. I know you can.

Reach out for help if you need it and during this Halloween week, work your magic. Scorpio rules everything that’s hidden, which includes buried treasure and hidden gifts.

Don’t think you know everything about yourself – be open to being surprised in the most amazing ways that will serve your happiness and evolution!

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