New Moon in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Winter Solstice – Dec 2017

First, it’s still Mercury Retrograde, so heads up. You know the drill. Easy does it… (and save those gift receipts!).

Mercury conjuncts Venus this weekend, highlighting relationships as well as what tell yourself and others. Choose positive messages (incoming and outgoing) and be open to what feeds your heart and uplifts your spirit. Above all, be kind and transmit love and compassion.

On Sun, Dec 18 @ 1:30am EST we have a New Moon in fiery Sagittarius – the Sun and Moon, plus Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Sag, too! Five planets in a big picture, optimistic energy – and Uranus connects with the New Moon giving you extra mojo, so set your intentions and stretch beyond old limits!

Saturn is at 29º Sagittarius, offering a final chance to review your lessons and expand into a big vision for your future before Saturn moves into hardworking Capricorn late Tues night, Dec 19th.

With five planets in “can-do” Sagittarius, tap into your inspiration to find something truly meaningful to focus on. The inspiration will carry you forward to the methodical processes required to make it real.

Bringing ideas/passion into form is Saturn in Capricorn’s domain, and it will be your job to muster the discipline to create the necessary structures.

Sagittarius is impulsive and loves adventure, with a passion for social causes and Higher Truth. It hasn’t been easy to be in Sagittarius, as Saturn is methodical and cautious, practical and planning every step of the way to avoid surprises or (gasp!) failure.

For the next three years, Saturn travels through Capricorn, that rules hard work, success, prudence, methodical actions, responsibility, DIY and organizing. Don’t even think about shortcuts or passing the buck with Saturn in Capricorn!

With Saturn you get back in equal measure what you put out, so if you do the work you will see results. And vice versa. No fooling around. Life is about to become more serious, but your efforts will pay off, so be prepared to get to work!

The Winter Solstice is on Thurs, Dec 21 @ 11:30am EST, the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. The return of the Light begins after that as Saturn enters Capricorn along with the Sun and Pluto.

Use this uplifting New Moon fire to set your intentions for the coming month and connect with your Higher Truth. Then take an action that will carry you forward.

Namaste friends. Wishing you a reverent Winter Solstice. Be the Light.

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