New Moon in Sagittarius – Nov ’16


Well, well… another week and we’re in a very different place as events and energies unfold. The Sun in Sagittarius is uplifting and optimistic, even with expansive Jupiter squaring powerful Pluto and desire-filled Venus. The call has been to make bold moves focused on making life better. But for whom? That is the question…

I’m watching President-elect Donald Trump and how he ignores traditional rules and roles that we all believed HAD to be followed! What a rule-breaker he is, from choosing unexpected candidates for political office to deciding that his family will stay in Trump Tower rather than moving to the White House. This is a mirror for our new world… sharp turns that challenge old paradigms.

Jupiter square Pluto/Venus (today) taps into profound desires, indulgence and going to any length to make it happen. What a setup for Black Friday! And the Moon is Void of Course, so you never know what will happen (keep your receipts in case you change your mind later).

This energy can fuel addiction as well as positive gratification, so it’s your responsibility to be sure your actions are helpful/positive and not harmful to yourself or others. Check in and stay awake…

This energy is driven by a deep inner hunger for something… I suggest you be mindful of what you’re going for and if it is actually good for you. Perhaps you’re trying to fill an inner emptiness with bright, shiny objects that will never truly give you lasting happiness.

What is your true desire? This is a valuable exploration if you’re up for it.

On Tue, Dec 29 at 7:18am EST we have a New Moon in Sagittarius which rules Higher Truth, the meaning of life, belief systems, other cultures, spiritual law, long journeys, adventure and expansion.

Sagittarius sees the big picture, is idealistic, optimistic and it can provide you with the confidence to move ahead where you may have been resistant before.

Neptune and the S. Node are squaring this New Moon, bringing in the energy of longing for the past, old addictions, illusions that seem real or disappointment.

Lately I’ve been homesick for NYC – and I’m not sure if it’s my intuition and I’m being called to go back or if I’m longing for the good old days that are over. Things have changed…

This feels like a S.Node/Neptune creation, so I’m sharing it in the spirit of giving you an example of what you may experience. And it’s a way to resist fully being in the present moment, so be aware of that too.

Sagittarius is the Truth-teller. What truth do you need to look at or speak up about? Your truth may be about focusing on a vision for your life. Are you ready to expand in some way, or is there a move you’ve been afraid to make that speaks to a deep calling from within you? This is a good time to take an action.

The energies of the Universe support your efforts to align with your truth – internally and externally – and give you the confidence you need to move forward. Your truth is not about what others think), so to make the most of this energy – and always, to thine own Self be true.

On Dec 1st, Mercury enters its shadow and then will go Retrograde on Dec 19th. Do your holiday shopping this weekend, if possible, and take actions to move forward now. We will enter 2017 with Mercury Retrograde and timing counts if you want to go with the flow.

We have major Moon Void of Course periods ongoing, so get your Perfect Timing Guide if you want to receive the dates/times to put in your calendar.

Wishing you joyful realignment, knowing that the bar is high for us during this time of radical change, but the rewards will be great as well.


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