New Moon in Sagittarius, Neptune Thanksgiving – Nov ’19

The Sun is in fiery Sagittarius today through Dec 21, bringing an updraft of optimistic, can-do energy. WithThe Sun is in upbeat Sagittarius today through Dec 21, bringing an updraft of optimistic, can-do energy. With only nine days of expansive Jupiter left in Sagittarius, this is primo energy for activating a big vision. Use it!

We have a wild high-low week ahead, starting with an intense shakeup on Sunday, Nov 24, that is likely to impact you in some way. The Sun is in no-filter Sagittarius (go big, speak your truth). The Scorpio Moon is deep – and with Mars (warrior) in Scorpio, they form a powerful pair that’s not easily swayed.

The Moon-Mars duo is opposing radical Uranus, planet of the change. This is a battle of strong wills that don’t back down, indicating an outburst, unexpected event or confrontation that catches you by surprise. Moon-Mars opposite Uranus can liberate you from any rut you’re in – or awaken you to something you haven’t been aware of. But when it happens, it can be jarring.

Also on Sunday, Venus and Jupiter are together in Sagittarius, offering gifts and blessings galore! Something positive will show up for you, maybe in the aftermath of the Mars-Uranus breakup/shakeup?

The highest vision I see: you are liberated from some old creation and a prize is waiting for you on the other side. Sounds good, huh?! Let’s see what happens, but keep your eyes open for the gifts that await you.

Guidance: move slowly on Sunday, tread lightly and be compassionate with yourself and others. Try not to react. Be Spock (logical). Look for the lesson if something unwanted occurs. Sag rules wisdom and higher education, so let life be your teacher! If you merely survive a challenging experience without any conscious growth, you’ve missed an opportunity.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is on Tue, Nov 26 @ 3:11am EST – a time for new beginnings, expansion and possibilities! This is big picture, idealistic energy that can give you the confidence to move ahead where you may have been reluctant to before. Perfect for a New Moon!

Sagittarius rules Higher Truth, the meaning of life, philosophy, belief systems, law, spiritual law, long journeys, adventure and expansion. The Universe supports your efforts to be in your Truth, to create a life that’s aligned with it (internally and externally). When your enthusiasm and inspiration is high, it gives you the confidence to make anything possible!

Is there an area of life in which you’d like to expand, or a move you’ve been afraid to make that speaks to a deep calling from within? If so, this is prime time to make a list of your intentions and take actions toward your dreams!

Neptune (dreams, imagination) turns Direct on Wed, Nov 27, which further supports creative and spiritual pursuits, as well as following your intuition and Higher Self calling. This is nonlinear energy of All That Is and it can move you profoundly if you create space to Be.

Meditation, nature, music or movement can all create portals for downloading intuitive hits or visions that will call you forward. Make use of this beautiful soft, flowy energy if possible. Even a salt bath with essential oils will bring you into the warm energy of the womb. Do what works for you.

Thanksgiving (Nov 28) offers us blessings with aspects that include a warm and fuzzy Moon-Venus conjunction that is happy, loving and sociable. Venus trines Uranus, creating fun, surprises and unexpected connections. Mercury trines Neptune, with harmonious communications that allow for high vibe communications with reverence for the beauty of the moment. It is smooth and heartfelt.

Easy does it on Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week that’s a respite from the intensity of the year we’re closing out. Reset and refresh so you can go forward with renewed optimism and inspiration!

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to all.

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