New Moon in Sagittarius / Jupiter Direct – November 2022


The bountiful energy of Jupiter and Sagittarius rule the week with an invitation to go big or go home – to expand your vision, aspirations, and broaden your horizons as you open to the myriad of possibilities that lie ahead. It is idealistic, inspired energy – and when you set your intention on something that stirs your soul, it will move you (literally and physically). 

Nov 18 – Sun sextile Pluto, supports your power and stamina to accomplish goals, be impactful and empowered by utilizing your gifts, strengths and talents. Handle what’s important or needed and use it well.

Nov 19 – Mars (Retrograde) square Neptune, is exact today, but we’ve been in the energy of dreamy Neptune square Mars (action) for a while, so this is a familiar experience. The Mars-Neptune square calls for intuitive movement or wu wei (law of least effort), flowing around obstacles, moving gently in harmony with your environment, taking extra time and space for activities and actions. No pushing, rushing or over-scheduling. Go slowly. 

If you want to check out, watch a movie, relax, be in nature, do spiritual practices to refresh. If you feel drained or tired, listen to your body and give yourself a time out to recoup your energy. You are extra-susceptible to drugs, alcohol and deception, depression, disillusionment. Be mindful of what and who you allow “in,” mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. This is your opportunity to make a new choice and change old (unconscious) patterns that don’t serve you and need to go. 

Nov 20 – Sun trine Jupiter, an upbeat, buoyant day when you feel warm and generous – and so do others. As you expect the best, things fall in to place and flow your way. Jupiter is in Pisces (one of its home signs), and it is Stationing (standing still), giving it far greater power to radiate its benefic blessings, activating hope, growth and enthusiasm. Great for socializing, but also for visioning, because Jupiter in Pisces brings limitless possibilities to the mix. Enjoy! Take advantage of this abundant, feel-good, soul food. 

Nov 21 – Mercury conjunct Venus, a wonderful day for connecting, whether for pleasure or business. With both planets in *Truthteller* Sagittarius, you want to communicate with others to share your feelings, preach, explore, negotiate, find a diplomatic solution, make a sale, or collaborate on an artistic/creative project together. Something with another or expressing-receiving love.A belief in goodness, that nourishes your spirit of abundance.

Nov 22 – the Sun enters Sagittarius @ 12:20am PST and there’s a major energy shift with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in sunny, adventurous, optimistic Sagittarius with the Moon following, still in deep Scorpio. While the impulse is to look to the the future with all its possibilities, today there may be something hidden or unconscious trying to get your attention. If so, see what it is, if anything is there for you. Otherwise, just enjoy the lighter, brighter energy of Sagittarius! 

Nov 23 – New Moon at 1º Sagittarius @ 2:57pm PST, is a time for new beginnings. This is the time to plant seeds, develop, increase or create something you desire – and because Jupiter in Pisces is ruling Sagittarius now, it may be something you started earlier in the year when Jupiter was in Pisces that got stalled or dropped and now you’re ready to pick it back up, from your more evolved Self. 

Sagittarius is about Higher Truth, the meaning of life, spirituality, other cultures, foreign travel, beliefs, philosophy, law, spiritual law, politics, religion, adventure, growth and expansion. Higher education, morals, ethics, social causes and philanthropy are all possibilities. It’s the Truth-teller and if you are out of alignment with your truth, it will block your growth. Pretending or rationalizing is not sustainable, so this is an opportunity for a fresh start if need be, by taking actions to realign yourself with your Truth.

Know that Sagittarius is inspired by what is meaningful, so tapping in to something greater that yourself is the ultimate calling on a New Moon in Sagittarius. What really matters to you; is there an area of life in that you’d like to expand, or a move you’ve been afraid to make that speaks to a deep calling from within? This is activation time and here’s why…

Nov 23 – Jupiter (Ruler of Sagittarius) Stations Direct just after the New Moon, so wherever you’ve been blank, stuck or lacking momentum, now you should start receiving inner prompts or guidance, feeling more confident, having faith that you’re being led in the right direction and seeing forward movement in the days and weeks ahead. Even if you don’t have evidence (yet) of where you’re going, Jupiter in Pisces connects to the higher realms and your intuitive guidance will let you know when you’re on the right track. 

Jupiter is in a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, which multiplies its infinite potential, as well as its boundless Divine Love, empathy and compassion. So many sensitive types have felt a need for energetic protection during these turbulent times (on a 3D level and beyond) and Jupiter in Pisces indicates Divine Protection. Try on living from a place of safety without hiding or avoiding others or situations – what freedom! (another Jupiter expression).

Look up, look forward, follow what moves your soul and if it hasn’t arrived yet, just open and set your intention to connect with what truly lifts you up and motivates you beyond your mundane life. Don’t let fear, anger, worry or lower expressions of energy block you from the magic of your soul’s inspiration. Be willing to follow your own yellow brick road and have an adventure (it works that way for a lot of people). You don’t always have to know exactly where you’re going…

The New Moon in Sagittarius is the completion and closing of the Eclipse wormhole and what a blissful way to move forward to close out the year. Remember the final Pluto Return is Dec 28, 2022 with old dying structures and we still have Mars Retrograde, revising how we take actions, so things will take longer and there will be rerouting and “scenic detours,” but focus on the Goodness. Keep your attention on where you’re going and what you want to create.

You are playing your part as an architect and co-creator of your life and as a participant in the collective energy that we are currently experiencing and co-creating for our future. The invitation is to recognize and appreciate your power and blessings. Take nothing for granted, as life can change in a heartbeat. Align your truth with your heart and Higher Self to show up and shine your Light.

We’re in the process of Becoming; we are in a spiral Universe – our DNA is a spiral. We’re in Mastery training, Souls’ training, we are in Wizard school, each one of us. There’s a grit factor, just as if we were lifting weights, is our spiritual practice in the presence of circumstances that are very seductive and seem real to us. 

When David looked at Goliath, if David had been thinking, “Wow, that is a big giant!” he would have had less inner authority than if he said, “I see you, but I know who I Am.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️

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