New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 7, 2018

We awaken this morning to a New Moon in Sagittarius, the can-do sign of high ideals, positivity, the big picture and Higher Truth. This is usually a time of optimism and expansive vision as you focus on what you want to create on this time of new beginnings.

However, we have a hangover from a few separating aspects that aren’t quite complete yet, that colors the feel of this New Moon. Mercury turned Direct yesterday and info is just trickling out, bit by bit. Mercury is in defensive Scorpio until Wed, Dec 12 when it moves into Sagittarius and is in a more upbeat, forward-leaning motion. Big ideas and high ideals will call you forward and it will be easier to say yes!

Mars (action) and Neptune (Higher Self/Spirit) are together squaring this New Moon, which undermines the proactive spirit of Sagittarius and can deflate your energy, drawing you within. Neptune’s goal is to redirect your focus inward to connect with your intuition, dreams, creativity, nature, meditation or other spiritual practices.

Mars-Neptune creates mental confusion because it is the opposite energy of the linear, left-brained mind. Making decisions in this energy can only be done accurately via intuition, because Neptune (planet of illusion) will could your mind or leave out data. It is a feeling that sources info from another dimension, so connect to your dream to use the energy and make it work for you.

Because this duo squares the Sag New Moon, along with Mercury just turning Direct, it is not the day to make major decisions if you don’t have to. And do you really have to? Waiting may feel frustrating if you want an answer now, but you will be well served to practice patience and get the clarity you need to feel comfortable with your choices. Watch for new info to be forthcoming.

Chiron (The Wound/Wounded Healer archetype) turns Direct on Sunday, Dec 9 in Pisces, highlighting old unhealed issues (which you may already be dealing with). Know that it’s not a punishment when unhealed issues arise, rather, it offers awareness – and it’s your responsibility to get the support and healing you need. Or not. It’s your choice, but you can’t say you didn’t know…

When a planet or celestial body changes direction it’s energy is amplified as it slows during the turnaround. I urge you to pay attention to messages you receive and don’t just try to wait things out, pretending that they’re gone when the pressure lessens. Being awake means being proactive and committed to your growth, empowerment and evolution.

I promise you, the journey and the work is so worth it, because what you get is YOU! It feels relaxing and uplifting to be aligned with your Higher Self, which is totally doable. Stress and pain (physical, emotional and/or mental) just means something is calling for care. Take the judgment off and make it your business to get what you need in order to blossom.

On Sat and Sun (Dec 8/9) the Moon in Capricorn passes over taskmaster Saturn and powerful Pluto, potentially bringing a heavy vibe into your space. Don’t to into reaction, thinking you are deficient or things are wrong.

To use this energy, get your work done and release anything that no longer serves you. Take responsibility for your space on all levels, inner and outer, knowing that you have the power to make things right in your world.

Everything that happens now is preparing you for 2019, when you begin a new trajectory of development in some way. Do not think your life will continue on the same old path.

We are on the move, so feel what or where you are being called and have the courage to say “Yes” to your Self and your journey!

Namaste, friends. We’re all in this together.

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