New Moon in Libra – Sept 27, ’11

4:09 am PDT ~ 7:09 am EDT    

Libra pink

This New Moon is in the “other”-oriented sign of Libra. The New Moon is about new beginnings – time to take actions toward what you want to create in your life.

Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, and harmony, and the focus is on relationships, your physical presentation, your aesthetic surroundings, balance, money, giving and receiving, creativity, and love, love, love.

Here are some questions for you to ask yourself regarding Libra/Venus issues:

  • Are you comfortable with your relationship dynamics, whether friendship, romantic, or professional?
  • Is your giving and receiving in balance, whether it’s love, money, or whatever else you value?
  • Regarding your beliefs around money and how you seek to fulfill your desires, are you operating from a place of possibility and moving toward a dream – or from a place of fear, a belief in lack, or acceptance of the status quo?
  • Does your body, mind and Spirit need some pampering or just a rest? We are very busy people these days and you often don’t realize just how tired you are.
  • Does your outward style reflect your authentic Self or is it time to update your look?
  • Is it time to redecorate and spruce up your home or workplace? (Flowers or throw pillows will work)
  • Do you honor your Self as the lovable, special gift that you are?  If not, what beliefs are blocking you from knowing that you are the Essence of Pure Goodness?

These Venus issues merit reflection and this is a golden opportunity to commit to whatever needs attention in your life. Value yourself – you are so worth it!

“The Eskimo has fifty-two names for snow because it is important to them; there ought to be as many for love.”  ~ Margaret Atwood! ♥

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