New Moon in Libra – Sept 25, 2022

Yesterday’s Equinox began Libra season and on Sept 23 the Sun conjoins Retrograde Mercury, which is the halfway point of the Retrograde cycle that ends on Oct 2. New insights, useful info or solutions can appear, activating renewed enthusiasm for areas of life where you were stuck, bored or disengaged. If so, consider this an awakening that can propel you forward with a second wind to uplevel your life. Keep your eyes and ears open…

Also on Sept 23, Mercury backs into Virgo, ready to handle details – and with this Retrograde there are plenty to deal with. Just because you’re motivated, doesn’t mean there won’t be speed bumps, à la Mercury, so practice operating from the witness perspective – aware, but centered and detached, so you don’t go into reaction when life goes awry.

This is a powerful week for connecting and on Sept 24, Venus opposing Neptune creates fertile ground with the potential for accessing channeled messages aligned with the heart, perfect for creative pursuits, spiritual practices and being in communion with your Self. This is exquisite yin energy – the energy of creating, receiving and nurturing, so allow in whatever feeds your spirit to nourish yourself.

The New Moon in Libra is on Sept 25 @ 2:55pm PDT, the sign that rules beauty, peace, harmony, balance, and relationships. On a higher level, it is the mirror: what you see in others is a reflection of you. Rather than glorifying or judging others, allow your perceptions of others to inform you about yourself and the lens you see through. You are the judge. Is your lens critical, kind, naive, suspicious? What you see – and what you see through – is information about You.

Shift into a higher space where you see through the eyes of love with awareness and detachment for greater peace and harmony, with less reactivity. This is a high level task in a world filled with conflict that will not abate any time soon. Choose where you place your attention. Take care of your body and nervous system. Create greater peace by making new agreements, contracts, boundaries, personal/work time, solitude, scheduling or whatever is needed. You design your life in a way that will suit who you are now, best.

This New Moon in Libra has Jupiter in Aries opposing it, pushing for honesty, truth and freedom. Reach for what inspires you and allow your integrity to be your guide. Your Highest Truth is an inside job, it’s what feels true for you. Aries rules courage. Relationship check-in: are your needs being met – and do you show up for your partner? Dare to have an honest conversation to speak your truth and ask for your partner’s. You will learn a lot if you do and you are open.

The Uranus-Saturn square is in the New Moon setup, indicating conflict, a lack of clarity or instability that is the ongoing backdrop in the world for now. Don’t buy into the drama. It will play out without your emotional involvement. You can contribute wherever you feel called to, but adding to drama takes your power away. If you are there, go up an octave to a higher level and be Spock. Interesting. Just notice without emotion.

Sept 26 – 28 contains highly productive aspects that speak to accomplishing tasks and manifesting results. On Sept 26, Venus trines Pluto – good for healing relationship issues, making deep connections, breakthroughs in healing, transformational creative projects, $$ investments.

Sept 26 – Mercury conjoins Venus (trine Pluto) – $$ pitch, sales or agreements, and the Sun opposes Jupiter – very optimistic, a big deal, but watch for overdoing it or overestimating the potential. With Mercury Retrograde, I wouldn’t put any $$ down that you can’t afford to lose. This is great for visioning, outlining and planning.

Sept 27 – Mercury trine Pluto – new solutions to old problems, practical, deep conversations, research, details, connections and communications. Sept 28 – Mars trine Saturn – methodical actions, structures and ideas, step by step, functional planning and contacts.

On Sept 29, Venus enters its home sign of Libra to join the Sun. Venus can easily express in Libra and is seeking beauty, peace, harmony and justice, on the World Axis at 0º Libra. Let’s see what happens in the world on this day with public figures, if anything. Surround yourself with beauty, peace and harmony and take good care of your heart and those you love.

What the world needs now, is love sweet love… 🎶

“Every minus you think you have is just a plus waiting for a stroke of awareness.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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