New Moon in Libra / Pluto Direct ~ Sept-Oct 2019



We close out the month of September with an intense week, led by the New Moon in Libra on Sat, Sept 28 @ 2:26pm ET. A New Moon is the time for new beginnings, so set your intentions for the coming month – and then take action towards what you want to create after the Moon is new tomorrow.

This New Moon in Libra is colored by aspects that highlight gifts and shadowy issues as well, calling for discernment in how you internalize experiences and respond to them. Sounds deep – and it is, because Pluto (what’s hidden) is still, about to turn Direct on Sept 2/3 (PT/ET).

The Sun-Moon in Libra are opposing Chiron (Wound/Wounded Healer) in Aries which can bring up insecurities, unmet needs and other personal issues. If you experience this, rather than buying into a belief in lack or brokenness, do what you can to change or heal what isn’t working (this is your job).

Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, peace and harmony and the focus is on relationships, your physical presentation, aesthetic surroundings, balance, money, giving-receiving and creativity. And Mercury and Venus are in Libra too, adding even more connecting energy to the mix.

Venus is sextile Jupiter on this New Moon, facilitating opportunities, blessings and gifts ($$, love, beauty, Self-esteem). Focus on maximizing this energy to shift other potentially challenging aspects that are occurring with Venus simultaneously. Gifts await you when you are willing to be open and stretch!

Venus is also between a square to heavy Saturn (feeling unloved, rejected, unwanted or lacking $$) and intense Pluto (trust, $$, control issues in relationships, power or dark desires gone wild), which can trigger thoughts, feelings and behaviors in you that feel unmanageable. Or you attract these experiences into your orbit via others – same issues, different manifestation.

Higher expressions of the Venus squares: you direct the energy to do the work and recommit to your relationship w/ your Self, $$, others (Saturn) or transform your desires and relationships (Pluto). These are deep issues, with the potential for transcendence and profound life-changes, if you’re willing to do the work.

One last bit about the New Moon – Uranus (change) is making an adjustment aspect to the Sun-Moon in Libra, indicating that either something unexpected will come up or you will make a sudden break from some current way of life.

You may feel an inner pull to do something different or you may experience an outpicturing of that impulse via another or an event. Get curious about what is stale or limiting in your life and what’s calling for change; stay tuned to your Inner Voice and honor your Self wherever possible. Hint: your current viewpoint (beliefs) will determine what you think is possible…

Shamanic Pluto (death/rebirth), Retrograde since April 24, has been a time to integrate issues around power, control and trust (fear or a reaction to having been oppressed/violated). Consider it a detox, where you become aware and take responsibility for how you hold power (dominance and/or victimhood).

Hiding is another expression of Pluto, which is about emotional safety. Know the difference between having deliberate boundaries and doing things that you feel the need to hide – that’s an indication of a of problem. If you can’t be honest, what are you doing? Secrets create separation between you and others, so this is a call for healing.

On Oct 3, Pluto turns Direct, asking you to use your power to create the life that you desire. Dominance and victimhood are “over-under” and call for a change. My definition of power is the ability to access your gifts, strengths and talents in order to create the life you desire. Yes you can!

When you can comfortably create the experience you desire while staying in integrity, you are in your power. The way you view a situation determines whether you feel empowered or not. It’s not about winning or looking good. It’s more about a positive attitude, doing the work and acquiring any needed skills in order to create a life that’s aligned with You. And You are worth it!

Reminder: lucky Jupiter is in its sign of Sagittarius until Dec 2nd, so take advantage of the can-do energy for the next two months that can elevate your thinking, your attitude and help you expand your horizons to move into new possibilities and creations!

Wishing you a blessed New Moon in Libra; use the prayer above and all that’s available to serve you well. You are being shapeshifted, so don’t resist! xo

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