New Moon in Libra / Pluto Direct – October 2021

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Welcome to October, a month when Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and (on Oct 18) Mercury Retrograde will all turn Direct. This appears to indicate we’re ready to move forward, when in reality, we’ll be in the turnaround energy, preparing to accelerate in the following months, so patience is required during this in-between time. Adjust your expectations accordingly for practical alignment and for your emotional comfort.

Mercury squares Pluto today (Oct 1), following its first square on Sept 22, (Spring Equinox). What began then continues now, and the third square is on Nov 2. This can be an ongoing personal or global issue – a power struggle, hidden agenda, secret revealed, being faced with a hard truth, a psychological breakthrough, being manipulated or being obsessed with something or someone. If you’re experiencing this personally, there is a deeper truth that is here to help you claim your power.

Oct 2 is fertile with Venus sextile Pluto, which invites deep connections and sharing that feeds your soul. Venus is in Scorpio, Pluto rules Scorpio – intense, all or nothing, what’s hidden, transformation. Venus is relationships, love, beauty, $$, values, how you value yourself. This is a great day for a beauty or style makeover, a shamanic soul retrieval, tantric sex or a fearlessly honest conversation to move a relationship to the next level. 

Oct 3 brings Mercury trine Jupiter, with an optimism, a big picture vision, good news, bright ideas, positive conversations and communications. Reach out, write down what you think of, don’t dismiss anything that crosses your mind – let these be the seeds of your New Moon Intentions for Oct 6. Enjoy the upbeat vibe and all those who you connect with today and think big!

The main event of the week is the New Moon in Libra @ 13º on Oct 6 @ 4:05am PDT. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mars (warrior) and are ruled by Venus in Scorpio, so the usual harmonious Libra energy has an edge to it on this New Moon. This can appear as passive-aggressive behavior or being polite but taking a stand for or against something, definitely not being a doormat. Boundaries. Look at your life and check your boundaries to be sure YOU decide what is acceptable for you.

Libra is “other-oriented,” the sign of relationships. This is when you are invited to check in around your giving and receiving to see if you are in balance – and if not, why not? Do you over-give in order to be loved, valued or accepted? If so, this calls for a healing (very common). If this is you, you were trained to be this way – and it’s time for a new training! Please talk to me :))

Uranus makes a quincunx to Mars on the New Moon in Libra, indicating that something unexpected may happen, triggering you and throwing you off your well behaved game. Or challenging your idea of the status quo in relationships and making you mad.What can you do to bring greater peace to your relationships – and what might you need to let go of? 

Do not get involved in power struggles or ego conflicts, rather, focus on your Self, setting your boundaries and creating your New Moon intentions. 

Because Pluto turns Direct on Oct 6 as well, the New Moon in Libra is colored by the intensity of the planet of transformation changing direction. Continue to release what’s complete in your world in order to support your evolving Self. Know that you are being shapeshifted at a deep level as our collective consciousness is also being radically overhauled to ultimately be evolved. Integration is happening at a subterranean level, beneath your awareness – but you can feel it if you tune in. Trust that the work is happening that needs to be done. 

On Oct 7, Venus moves into Sagittarius, which lightens up the vibe considerably. Venus in Sadge wants to have fun, go on an adventure and travel – it’s a fire sign, all about action and it mixes well with the air signs that many planets are in now (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). 

You can happily enjoy the uplifting energy as you close the week and focus on where you are where you see yourself going when the time is right. New Moon Intentions are a powerful use of the energy. Write your intentions down. Make any course corrections needed. Avoid drama (lower Pluto energy). And use that Mercury trine Jupiter to think BIG and dream BIG! If it’s in your consciousness, it’s meant for YOU!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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