New Moon in Leo / Mercury Direct – July 2019

We’re in for a lively week with Uranus squaring the Sun, Venus changing signs,
a New Moon in Leo and Mercury turning Direct. That’s a lot of planetary action, meant to reset the stage, change the scenery and open new doors to create a new trajectory. Are you ready?

The week begins today on a bright note with harmonious energy, good for making connections, calls, purchases, dates and social activities that feel buoyant and bring in the light.

Sat night, July 27 feels good too, as Venus moves into showy, appreciation-loving Leo. This is a perfect night to perform, express yourself, feel adored, get gorgeous, quality items or grand gestures of love (giving or receiving). Venus in Leo loves romance – and needs attention, so remember to show your gratitude for who they are and all they do (for you) – and enjoy!!!

Sun, July 28 is good for leisure, movies, nature, play or spiritual activities, with a Void of Course Moon all day/eve until Mon morning. Good for a time out from anything that demands a specific outcome, other than exploration, enjoyment or relaxation.

Also the Sun is entering a square to unpredictable Uranus (exact on Mon, July 29), so be flexible and focus on staying grounded if the unexpected occurs.

You can’t prepare for a curve ball, but you can decide to be as cool as possible under the circumstances. Whether a situation is benign or a crisis, a level head will serve you well. And Uranus liberates you from things that are blocking you from your Highest Good, so keep that in mind.

The hour before midnight on Wed, July 31 @ 11:12pm EDT we have a New Moon in Leo, sign of leadership, creativity and Self-expression. Leo didn’t come into this life to be a follower and the New Moon is the time for new beginnings, so where are you ready to express yourself and lead – and what are you ready to begin? (Don’t say you’re not a leader – everyone should be the leader in their own life!)

After the Moon is New, it’s the time to take action toward what you want to create, develop or increase in your life. But Mercury turns Direct within the hour of the New Moon, so it can move forward in the coming days. And Mercury won’t really get moving until Tues, Aug 6, so make plans and take actions to prepare for announcements, purchases and such for the week of Aug 6 to advance your life and new direction.

And Uranus is squaring this New Moon, indicating some radical or significant change. If you feel trapped or restless in any area of your life, this could activate a break (or breakthrough) that needs to happen.

However, it’s empowering to direct the energy whenever possible, rather than being at its effect, so what changes can you make to activate something new and better in your life? You may already know – or have to feel into it. This is your Yellow Brick Road decision. Don’t think you’ll already know the outcome, as life doesn’t work that way.

Dare to be authentic and color outside the lines by doing things YOUR way. Or maybe it’s time to shake up your familiar image by making a left turn…

With Venus conjunct the Sun/Moon in Leo and Jupiter beaming a harmonious vibe to all, this creates energy for inspired new beginnings and resources that will expand your world and feel abundant! There’s lots of potential in the coming month to fire up your engines and create new avenues for Self-expression, creativity, romance and pleasure.

There’s still Saturn, South Node, Pluto in Capricorn energy of old structures that is no longer working and needs to go. It’s your job (especially while you are inspired) to recognize what that is and take action to make needed changes. A big job, but your job :))

As I said, it’s a lively week, full of potential. Use it well, don’t allow fear or doubt to block your path. Get the support you need when you need it and take good care of yourself (North Node in Cancer).

Your well being will allow you to Light up the world!




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