New Moon in Leo / Jupiter Retrograde – July 2022

The Sun enters its home sign of dramatic Leo on July 22, as we move into the energy of Fixed Fire and the heat is on all over the world (literally). Attune to your heart, your inspired Self – tap into the “You” that was uninhibited and bold before you were taught to settle or hide. Come out and play, express yourself, lead, create, speak up, perform, enjoy and be in joy! 

Take charge of your universe, even if it means withdrawing from what others want or think you should do. Know what is yours to do, whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes, but be honest with yourself and have the courage to release the past in order to move forward. Leo didn’t come here to take orders from others or to be one of the gang – they came to lead. The highest expression of Leo is to be the Light for those who can’t find their own and then, to empower others or lift them up. Put yourself out there if you’re meant to be seen!

During the next five days, Mercury makes various aspects, gathering info and making connections that should be helpful, expansive, revealing, enlightening and even healing. On July 23, Mercury trines Jupiter with good news, smart plans, bright ideas and positive contacts. Reach out, ask, connect.

July 26 is a rocky day, with Mercury in Leo square Mars in Taurus – two stubborn fixed signs. Debates, arguments, verbal attacks and standoffs are possible with this energy. If you’ve been holding a resentment, you may blow your stack today (or want to). Could be complaining, a blindside, a spat over turf or spouting off over politics. Choose wisely who you engage with and watch what you say. 

On July 27 Mercury trines Chiron, offering the potential for a healing conversation or resolution for any discord that has your mind trapped in drama. Use this powerful gift to free yourself from a mental prison of low energy and return to alignment with your Higher Self. Release guilt, make amends, apologize. You may be the healer for another or the receiver of a healing – and any way it happens it’s all good. 

The New Moon at 5º Leo is on July 28 @ 10:55am PDT, time for new beginnings – and trine Jupiter, it asks you to expand your horizons and stretch beyond your old familiar ideas of your Self and your life. Because Jupiter Stations Retrograde today thru Nov 23, you’ll have to do inner work in order to grow and develop aspects of your consciousness to align with your vision of your future Self. 

Focus on your vision for yourself going forward and adjust your expectations, knowing that it will likely manifest in late 2022/early 2023 with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all Retrograde. Your task is to make it a joyful, meaningful journey, as you go through your process of exploring, learning and becoming the next creative expression of your evolving Self. This is Jupiter at work. 

Mercury square Uranus in this New Moon setup indicates a fast tempo, mental stress or confusing info – or inappropriate words due to misunderstanding. Slow down, be in nature, do a spiritual practice, move your body, manage your nervous system by earthing and grounding. Don’t freak yourself out by being in reaction to feeling out of control. Valuable info/insights/downloads may be accessible if you center yourself. 

Embodying the Light and confidence of Leo will be helpful this week as the Uranus (change) – North Node (Destiny) conjunction begins to join with Mars (warrior), which will be exact on Aug 1. We will be feeling the energy of the Mars/Uranus/N.Node triple conjunction all week, beginning on July 25, that creates unstable, edgy undercurrents that can trigger those who are fragile, who feel powerless or aren’t grounded. If ever there was a time to stay high, this is it. Be Spock – witness, but don’t get dragged into drama, no matter how tempting the bait. 

We’re approaching a dramatic period that may be combustible and its important to remember that All Is Well, even when it looks ugly. Consider the big picture and know that we are still in the Pluto Return of the US, the death and rebirth of our country (which impacts the world) and that within in a few years (give or take), we will see the emergence of new paradigms that we can’t even imagine yet.

In the meantime, we are here to witness the shadows and be the Light, in two parallel experiences – one personal, one global. Develop yourself. Release what’s outdated. If ever there was a time to be bold and dare to step forward, this is it! We need you to share your gifts with the world. Feel what is true for you and how you want to contribute and trust your Inner Guidance for timing.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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