New Moon in Leo – July 26, ’14

    Moon Scope

We have a Sun-Jupiter combo to start the week off that either creates a burst of enthusiasm and “can do” spirit or over-doing it. It is buoyant energy for sure – you just have to be mindful that you don’t go overboard – i.e., more is better :))

Tonight Mars (action/will) moves out of Libra (beauty, relationships) into Scorpio (power/transformation).

Mars has been in Libra for 8½ months, Retrograding for part  of it and diffusing its expression due to its focus on harmony and peace. That is not the function of Mars!

Now with Mars moving into Scorpio, it can express itself fully by going after what it wants full force. No restrictions, all the way! You will feel the difference in how you move forward now.

We greet the New Moon on Saturday in the dynamic, “CEO” sign of Leo at 6:42pm EDT. The New Moon is the time for new beginnings – anything that you want to create or increase in your life.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the center of our solar system.  It is the sign of play, creativity, self-expression, romance, the leader and the performer. Self-expression is vital to experiencing a feeling of wholeness, so find a way to express your Authentic Self and yes, be creative! For artists, this is a perfect time to start a new project and for you shy types, create something in a way that feels safe for you – but please express yourself!

I highly recommend the book, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron for everybody – a perfect way to awaken your creativity and discover parts of yourself that have been buried. Even if you think you aren’t creative or that you aren’t artistic – what if that’s a false belief and you have gifts that you haven’t yet discovered? It happens all the time, but only if you are willing to say “yes” to trying something new – or something old once again.

Romance is a Leo activity: dating, the wooing, the seduction, as Leo loves the chase! Use your imagination to design a creative scenario to engage that special someone, even if you’ve been together for years. Allow your partner to do the same for you (express your need for creative attention!). And if there’s no one currently in your romantic life, do something special for yourself that you would love to have a partner do for you. Practice receiving so you’ll be ready when it arrives.

Have you been working too hard? If you are in need of play time, make that a priority now. What can you do to have some fun? Play and having fun is often devalued in our culture as we diligently pursue achievement and success. Recover your childlike sense of wonder and remember what you used to do for fun when you were young. Is there an activity that you’d love to do again? Create the space and give yourself permission to play!

Leo asks you to be the “King” or “Queen” of your own Universe, so speak up, take charge, be a leader and put yourself out there – this is the time to let your Light shine! Be proud and treat yourself with the dignity and respect that you want to receive from others.

Remember, Leo didn’t come here to take orders from others or to be one of the gang; they came to be the leader, visionary, inspired and inspiring.

The highest expression of Leo is to be the Light for those who can’t find their own and to empower others. It’s a big responsibility, and especially to be in integrity as you lead the way, so honor yourself when you are willing to step forward and take charge.

We need more real leadership in this world. Don’t withhold what you have to offer!

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