New Moon in Leo – August 2023

This week highlights the Sun, Ruler of Leo, as we move toward the New Moon in Leo on Aug 16, with Venus and Chiron as supporting players, illuminating your light, and Uranus coming in to redirect your life in some significant way. Get ready to make a turn into new territory. It’s time…

Aug 12 – Sun trine Chiron. This speaks to receiving healing or being the Master Healer, supporting others in their awakening. This energy can support you in realigning your evolving identity with your purpose if you attune to your Third Eye, Higher Self or Inner Guidance.

Acknowledge your growth process over the years for perspective and appreciation – and remember that you are NOT your story, no matter what happened in the past. Protective behaviors are evidence that you’re still operating from a wound, so go to the core for healing in order to drop the belief in the need for protection. You are whole inside and that cannot be destroyed; you are safe now.

Aug 13 – Sun conjunct Venus. Venus Cazimi. This is the mid-point of Venus Retrograde and when Venus is in the heart of the Sun you can redefine your values, desires, creativity and expression. This is a Venus focal point and you will feel anything that’s blocking your heart, calling for a healing. Spiritual bypassing is not the same as openheartedness – that’s a refusal to acknowledge and feel pain or distress, rather than the willingness to feel it and transmute it into a neutral or higher state.

Aug 14 – Venus trine Chiron. Another opportunity to heal issues regarding matters of the heart, whether they pertain to your value, a love relationship, betrayal, $$ manipulation, or loss and grief. Heartbreak is a primal wound that goes to your lovability, abandonment or loss. This is a healing space and know that you can make a quantum leap when you are ready to forgive, recover, open your heart and live again.

Aug 15 – The Sun square Uranus. This is a shakeup – either deliberately chosen by you to break up a stale routine or some unexpected event may occur that catches you off-guard. If it’s your decision, you may trigger others around you who are used to your usual behavior or way of operating, but if you’re feeling rebellious, you may not be open to negotiating with “reasonable” people. Either way, easy does it…

You may experience a weather event or something impersonal that affects you a little or a lot – or just have a feeling of tension or anxiety, like you’re waiting for something to happen. Stay loose, breathe, practice moving slowly and create space between activities if possible.

Aug 16 – The New Moon in Leo @ 2:38am PDT. Leo is the dynamic, CEO sign of leadership, passion and creativity, where you are the Ruler of your domain. Leo came to lead, not follow, and it is time for a new beginning. What is that for you – it’s major for you to decide where you want a new direction or change.

Plant a seed by taking an action toward something you want to create, as Leo is the ultimate sign of Self-expression. Act now, because when Mercury turns Retrograde (Aug 23-Sept 15) you don’t want to begin anything new if you haven’t taken an action already. Even a baby step counts…

Uranus squares the New Moon in Leo, which indicates a sudden change of heart, viewpoint, plans or circumstances – a reset or refresh – but something is causing a shift in focus and direction. The Uranus square can burst forth, ready to break a pattern, a stagnant routine, lifestyle, or some other dead structure that needs revamping. This can pertain to relationships, behaviors, choices about work, living and other expressions of Self, but the square indicates a breakout of some kind, like a hostage release.

Get honest with yourself about what’s working and what feels like it’s dead or dying. Dramatic moves can be invigorating – and/or they can activate the nervous system, so this is an important time for spiritual practices and connecting with the earth to ground yourself.

Aug 16 – Mars trine Uranus. With Mars in Virgo, it wants to know what steps to take and how to plan for where you’re going. Uranus wants the road less traveled, a new way, an innovative path (which is the point), as opposed to the same old, same old. So do your research and trust that this helpful aspect will show you how to make the moves to facilitate the changes you are making.

This is a dynamic week, with lots of beautiful healing energy connecting you to your heart and Big Light, offering healing vibes for the heart and ego, as well as electric curveballs from Uranus that will cause redirects within you and from the external world that shake us up. That’s the point.

Uranus rules authenticity – it moves you into a new space, rather than supporting the past and old familiar structures, so flexibility and faith in where you’re being led will be immensely helpful. Uranus only takes that which is no longer needed or relevant for your evolving Self.

Tune into your heart to see and feel what the calling is, what your Higher Self wants and notice what holds you back from pursuing it, if anything. This is where Uranus is your friend, where a shift can happen in the blink of an eye to create a breakthrough and an opening if your mind is holding you back.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“A life without change is not a life; it is a stagnant pool. To change your mind frivolously is a cop-out. To change your mind under the direction of the wisdom of the heart is a brush stroke on the masterpiece you are delivering to the world.” ~ Alan Cohen

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