New Moon in Leo – August 2021

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We open the week with the Sun square Uranus on August 6, bringing unexpected changes – either from within or externally. You may suddenly hit your limit of tolerating something, have a dramatic change of heart or experience a blindside that affects you personally. Whatever happens, be mindful of your movements and think twice before reacting if something comes up. 

The more intentional you are, the better, because when you’re in reaction you have given your power away. Be flexible and utilize this energy by doing something different to nurture your Authentic Self.

The cosmic revolution is fully alive on the New Moon in Leo – Aug 8 @ 6:50am PDT, as Uranus squares the Sun and Moon. This is a time of new beginnings, but if you are unsure of where you are or where you’re going, you have likely stepped into a new level of Being. The world continues to dismantle old paradigms to allow for innovation and progress, so make the most of the The Great Awakener (Uranus) by exploring what needs to change in your life. 

The New Moon is a powerful time for new beginnings, so take action toward what you want to create, increase or develop. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the heart of the universe and ultimate sign of creation and creative expression, as well as leadership, play and romance. You know where you need to step up in your life, whether it’s giving yourself more playtime or taking charge of something. The goal is to build a life that nurtures, fulfills and supports YOU, rather than being directed by others or authorities. 

Venus opposes Neptune on Aug 9, which serves creative, spiritual or intuitive pursuits, as well as Divine Love. Soft, dreamy energy, like a Monet painting, allows for nonlinear expressions and leisure time in healthy ways. Detailed work may challenge you, especially if numbers or exact data is important, so move slowly, create space, double-check your work – and arrange your activities to fit the energy. Connections will likely feel warm and fuzzy today (but no major commitments please!). 

Mercury opposes Jupiter on Aug 10, which can bring good news, bright ideas, fruitful communications, or a deal – or it may be an overload of info or too many commitments. Be mindful of what you say “yes” to and don’t overdo it, as Jupiter is highly enthusiastic and impulsive about jumping into things. Stay present, engaged and available for conversations and info that interests you – AND modulate yourself :)) You might want to explore today – and follow up tomorrow when aspects appear that focus on details and collaboration. 

Mercury leaves Leo to move into Virgo on Aug 11, where research, data and careful analysis is on the menu. Mercury rules Virgo and loves systems, order, details and planning. Virgo rules what’s useful and what’s not, so this is an opportune time to clear clutter and organize your life.

Also on Aug 11, Venus trines Pluto, which seeks deep connection and intimacy. Venus rules $$, style, creativity and relationships, while Pluto rules power and what’s hidden. Venus-Pluto creates magnetic attractions, magical aesthetic creations and transformational connections. This is great energy for a fashion/cosmetic makeover, healing work, love connections and attraction. Enjoy!

We’re in a high-level assignment as humans on the planet – and you are somewhere on your hero’s journey of Self-discovery. Appreciate yourself, your life, your loved ones, and enjoy the mystery. You came to be part of this Sacred Turning Point in consciousness and humanity.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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