New Moon in Leo – August 14, ’15

New Moon in Leo

We awaken to a New Moon in the Lion-hearted sign of Leo, the courageous energy of leadership, self-expression, creativity and stepping forward in a committed way. Honor the Lion energy within you (and yes, I feel a sense of honoring for beloved Cecil the Lion who was killed by a thrill-seeking American man to acquire as a trophy).

This New Moon connects with Retrograde Venus, which makes it even sweeter, and is  in harmony with Uranus (planet of change and innovation). What will feed your heart and Authentic Self? Focus on initiating a joyful, loving expression or creation that enlivens your spirit!

Allow ideas to flow through you – and notice if you feel drawn to pursue something (or someone!) different than you would have before. Trust your intuition and start something now , especially prior to  Mercury Retrograde  in mid-September, when the flow will slow down.

Self-expression is vital to experiencing wholeness, so find a way to express your Authentic Self and be creative! For artists (professional or amateur), this is a perfect time to start a new project. For all, create something that feels good to you, but be sure to express yourself  in some way (decorating, writing, cooking, designing, etc.).

I recommend the book, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron for you if you want to awaken your creativity and discover parts of yourself that have been buried. Even if you think you aren’t creative or artistic – what if that’s an old belief and you have gifts that you haven’t discovered?  It happens all the time, but only when you are willing to say “yes” to trying something new (or something old again). Stretch beyond your comfort zone and release the fear of having to do it right!

Romance is a Leo activity: courtship, wooing, desire, as Leo loves the pursuit. Use your imagination to design a creative scenario to wow your special someone, even if you’ve been together for years.

Allow your partner to do the same for you (express your desire for thoughtful attention). And if there’s no one currently in your romantic life, create something special for yourself that you would love to have a partner do for you.  Practice receiving to magnetize blessings into your life :))

Have you been working too hard?  If you are in need of playtime, make that a priority now. What can you do to have some fun?  Play and having fun is often devalued in our culture as we diligently pursue achievement and success.

Recover your childlike sense of wonder and remember what you used to do for fun when you were young.  Is there something that you’d love to do again? Create the space and give yourself permission to be playful!

The New Moon in Leo asks you to be the “King” or “Queen” of your own Universe, so speak up, take charge, be a leader and put yourself out there – it’s time to let your Light shine! Be proud of yourself and treat yourself with the dignity and respect that you want to receive from others.

Remember, Leo didn’t come here to take orders from others or to be one of the gang – they came to be The Leader, visionary and inspired. Find your special gift and be willing to offer it to the world, one way or the other!

The highest expression of Leo is to be the Light for others who can’t find their own, and then to empower them   Leadership is a big job, especially to be in integrity as you lead the way. It’s a big deal to be willing to step up and take charge – I honor your commitment and appreciate the role you play.

This is a beautiful week of grace and fertile ground. Use your creativity and express yourself joyfully!

We have a few windows of  Moon Void of Course  periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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