New Moon in Gemini – May 22, 2020

We open the week with a New Moon in Gemini, a time for new beginnings and planting seeds that you want to grow. Beautiful! However, we’re also entering a two-month wormhole (a short distance between radically different realities), as the first of three Eclipses takes place in two weeks on June 5.

This means that we’re on a wild ride of unpredictable twists and turns, so be flexible in your outlook and actions – and create extra space for changing plans if necessary. Being reactive will only feed imbalance, so be as objective as possible (be Spock :)).

The New Moon in Gemini stimulates the mental body – thinking, speaking, writing, info and ways of transmitting it: cell phones, conversations, emails, texts, websites and social media. It also rules neighborhoods and community, bicycles, siblings and cousins. Journalling is a Gemini activity as well. Movement (mental or physical), exploring, discoveries and choices – use the lively energy to brainstorm or take in whatever captivates you!

Mercury (mind/Ruler of Gemini) is exactly conjunct Venus Retrograde today, creating heartfelt communications/connections – and they both square dreamy Neptune. This makes for confusion if you’re seeking facts or exact positions – but if you want to make amends to repair a relationship, this is beautiful energy. It’s also perfect for creative expression of all kinds, deeply feeling and spiritual for offering compassion and care.

Your intuition is always your guide with Neptune (Divine Love, and higher dimensions), even in a square. And with all the facts flying around, conflicting reports, data, opinions – we don’t know what is true or who to trust. Really. You may be overwhelmed by conflicting data (Covid and otherwise).

I believe it’s all part of the cosmic plan to direct you away from blindly following what you hear from authorities, and re-directing you to gather info – and go within to tap into your Inner Guidance (intuition).

Neptune rules the higher dimensions, so take a step back to detach from the data and feel the conflicts/agendas of all concerned. Then feel what’s right for you. If you don’t know yet, wait. Sit with any decisions you can until you feel clear.

Your job is to modulate and regulate incoming info. Neptune attunes you to your innate sensitivity and bliss (at best). Turn down the volume when life gets too loud and tend to soothing your senses with TLC.

This New Moon is in harmony with Saturn (structure) in Aquarius. This is a profound anchor for creating stability, security and plans. However, we have all this other chaos occurring simultaneously, so place your attention on what is real for you. Where you feel safe, what you’re in the process of building or making happen – or what you want to create going forward. Aquarius is visionary energy, so you never know what will come through you!

Writing your New Moon Intentions is a fabulous Saturn activity, especially if you put practical actions on the list. And then take an action toward making your intention real. You have all weekend to activate this New Moon energy, so no rush and make it fun – a creative fountain of ideas awaits you in Gemini!

On May 25 Mars (action) is in harmony with Uranus (change), which is such a gift for shifting old stuck patterns that hinder your evolution and feelings of freedom! I think of this combo as an energetic lubricant, when you can do things that the “old you” wouldn’t and you feel more alive than usual. One new action can open doors to a fresh landscape, perspective, community or world.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node on May 28, bringing the planet of the mind together with the point of Destiny. You may receive info or guidance re: your path forward – even just a little hint about something. No pressure, just pay attention to what shows up around this time to see what (if anything) you get. If nothing shows up, no worries. You will get what you’re supposed to get at the right time, as long as you’re open to receiving it.

So this is a busy week – and because of the amount of information flying about, I suggest you give yourself extra space to move, to process and to interact. You can easily over-schedule yourself on Zoom calls or conferences without meaning to, so give yourself more time than you think you’ll need for every activity. This could become your new lifestyle…

I beg you, please do not argue online or on social media. Do not read inflammatory articles that activate you or bring you down. Find the info you need via the most neutral sources possible and then run it through your inner filter to see what feels right for you.

Neptune increases your sensitivity and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by outside circumstances or inner worries or fears, and it can increase mental/emotional issues, so if you feel off-balance, please seek help. It is available for all, even free hotlines if you are financially challenged. If you want help you will find it.

Your job is to take care of your Self – and you are worth it. We need you here. 

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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