New Moon in Gemini – June 19, ’12

8:02 am PDT ~ 11:02 am EDT

We have a second New Moon in the friendly, curious, highly active sign of Gemini on Tues, June 19th.
The first one was the Solar Eclipse on May 20th at 0 degrees of Gemini – and now this one at 29 degrees and we’re still feeling the effects of that!

The New Moon is always the time for new beginnings so be prepared to take action toward what you want to create more of in your life.

There’s a lot of mental activity flying around: thinking, ideas, new ways of processing, info, and the various forms of communication! Gemini loves it all – here, there, everywhere – multi-tasking!

You can get scattered or overwhelmed if you aren’t mindful, so pay attention to your boundaries. Don’t create drama!

It’s easy to get the FOMS – Fear Of Missing Something, so be sure that when you say “yes” it’s from your Authentic Self and not your Wounded Self.

If you’re ready to sign a contract or enter into an agreement, this is a stellar day to take an action that will enable you to move forward. Also, if you need to have an important conversation to begin something new, take advantage of this energy!

Don’t forget your New Moon Intentions!

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