New Moon in Capricorn w Uranus Square – Jan 2018

Mercury has now joined Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn, with the Moon on the way Sunday afternoon. This is serious business. Not the time for fooling around. Rather, time to make a plan and take methodical actions to create something real. Put your attention on where you are going.

The weekend has a combo of Mercury-Saturn, good for bringing ideas into form and Venus squaring Uranus, creating excitement or disruption in relationships. Mercury-Saturn is stable, while a Venus-Uranus duo can be destabilizing. I suggest directing the energy by doing something that excites you in a practical way, rather than being blindsided by people or circumstances.

You may not always be able to avoid unwanted or experiences, but you are much more empowered when you direct the energy that’s present.

Venus-Uranus can activate drama, challenging shaky relationships, so direct your impulses with care and create something constructive if that’s up for you. For stable relationships, add some spice to your life by trying something new or different.

Monday is a green light day! Ask for what you want, reach out and make plans, be social, accept invitations. Connect and network with intention. It’s a use it or lose it day. Don’t squander this blessing!

Tuesday night we have a New Moon with six planets in Capricorn!! That’s a LOT of ambition, commitment, and potential manifesting! We also have Mars (action) and Chiron (healing) in harmony with this New Moon, which adds drive and compassion to the energy of hard work and success.

And this New Moon in Capricorn is squared by Uranus, which activates any part of your Authentic Self that has been oppressed or suppressed. It will make itself known now – and it may very well act out in shocking ways if you don’t allow it healthy expression. This is an alert. Time to get real and be your own Authority!

Venus is connected to this Full Moon, along with a Jupiter-Pluto (passion) connection. Venus represents love, money, beauty, and how you value yourself. This is a perfect time to raise your prices if you have a business or to take actions toward something that reflects valuing yourself.

The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings, so start something – whether you pursue a dream goal, an idea, plan or project.  Put energy into something you want to grow, make stronger or more important in your life.

Capricorn is the sign of The Authority and it’s also your Inner Authority.  Are you connected to your Inner Authority and to living your truth or do you need external validation/permission to be who you are or to choose a course of action? This is a big, important question.

The energies of the Universe support your efforts to come into your Authority, which requires you to be responsible, conscious (awake), and committed to your Higher Self.

And remember, ALL planets are Direct, which offers super-flow energy for manifesting your desires when you take methodical actions and follow a stable plan. This is a fabulous time for moving forward in your life no matter what you are facing.

Just say “Yes” to your Self and your life. Don’t be a slacker. Your work is whatever YOU need to work on right now, whether it’s personal or professional. It’s all personal, really. So dream big, dare to stretch forward and take actions this week toward manifesting your heart’s desire.

By next Friday, we’ll already have entered the 6-week Eclipse Period, which will shake things up. Don’t worry, just do your work and keep moving forward. That’s your job.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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