New Moon in Capricorn / Uranus Direct – Jan 8, 2021

Plot twist and a busy week! This week your attention will be redirected and your mood will shift, due to various Mercury aspects, two planets changing signs and one planet changing direction. Whatever you thought was happening, be flexible and open to unexpected changes that are on the way! Uranus (change) is Stationing and supercharged, preparing to turn Direct. 

Today (Jan 8), Mercury (mind) moves into radical Aquarius, activating innovative ideas, while Venus enters conservative Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is serious – in love, with $$, or when deciding how to allow others to treat you (boundaries). Venus in Capricorn creates lasting commitments and agreements via practical, deliberate moves and protects its resources.

The Sun sextiles Neptune on Jan 8, good for spiritual practice or aligning with your highest ideals, as well as creative pursuits. Flowy, compassionate, soft energy. But Mercury is squaring impulsive Mars, inciting arguments, pushing viewpoints and verbal attacks. These two aspects create a setup for upset, as Neptune wants togetherness – and the Mercury-Mars square wants to control on some level. Easy does it and if you decide to speak up, choose your words carefully. It’s hot out there…

On Jan 9 Venus trines Mars, which is perfect for a creative project, making nice, or a romantic liaison. If you’ve experienced conflict, this harmonious energy supports reconciliation and reconnecting. Later, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, good for serious conversations, decisions, planning and contracts. All in all, a good day to create, schedule and commit to ideas and projects with lasting results. A gift. Use it well.

On Jan 11 Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, with big picture thinking, good news, positive communications or bright ideas. This is an expansive, uplifting energy one way or another; your words may inspire others or another’s words inspire you. Both Mercury and Jupiter sextile Chiron, promoting healing and compassion, which is badly needed now. 

The weather changes on Jan 12 when Mercury square Uranus, instigating a curveball, unexpected info, language, ideas or some other surprise that will require adjustment or modulation. This can feel like too much, too fast, so protect your nervous system and don’t let the news stress you out. Moderate your intake, slow down and connect with your center before making decisions or taking action. 

The New Moon in Capricorn is on Jan 12 @ 9pm PST, a time of new beginnings and planting seeds that you want to grow. Capricorn represents goals, structures, planning, achievement and reality. Pluto is conjunct the New Moon, creating intensity by activating issues around power, collectively and perhaps personally (depends on your chart). This can happen via upheaval, breakthroughs, death, endings or your own deep dive with the intention of discovery and transforming old patterns. 

This New Moon is not easy – it’s about getting real and trusting yourself. Capricorn represents your Inner Authority, so consider your need for others’ approval, agreement or permission in order to be your Self, pursue your dreams, goals or to feel comfortable. With a complex combination of aspects that accompany this New Moon, it may feel like you’re alternately being pushed and pulled, with positive openings here and there. Self-care is primary, as well as recognizing the messages that apply to you.

Jan 13 brings Mars square Saturn, now in fixed signs and more stubborn than ever. Feeling blocked? Take methodical actions (baby steps) to move forward, get more detail or clarity re: how to progress, or consider Plan B. Pushing won’t work, so slow down and choose your actions carefully. Or wait. 

Same day: Venus trines Uranus, exhilarating and stimulating! New relationships, connections, creative ideas, changes in your style or presentation, unexpected $$ or opportunities may suddenly appear. Fun! A joyful opening to do something different to express yourself – and much needed relief amidst the pressurized atmosphere. 

When Uranus turns Direct on Jan 14, get ready for a turnaround. The planet of liberation is ready to move forward, activating new expressions of your inner development since mid-Aug 2020. It’s You, with a new twist! Uranus rules authenticity and freedom, so express your evolving Self to greet our ever-changing world. Staying the same is not viable, as your personal growth is commensurate with our global evolution.

Also, the Sun is conjunct Pluto, offering you access to your power once again. My definition of power is having access to your gifts, strengths and talents without blockage – or the ability to create what you desire. It’s not about anyone else’s domain – it’s all about You! If there’s a major task you face or need extra strength, this is a good day to accomplish a goal, create a breakthrough or to solve a problem. 

It’s hard to imagine where we’ll be a week from now, but things will change – and if you’re open to it, that can include you! Seek freedom wherever you feel constrained. It may not be simple or easy, but the secret is: wherever you feel stuck, it’s an inside job, so get the help you need to free yourself. I wish you liberation, peace and empowerment to create the life you desire.

This is likely going to be a crazy week of power plays, blindsides, maneuvers and decisions that will shape our country going forward. Explosive outbursts and backroom deals won’t be a surprise. Due to the drama at the Capitol on Jan 6, the fact that the balance of power changed hands in our Congress for the next two years was obscured, but that is a major course correction that will affect the direction of our country going forward – here and globally.

Remember, the breakdowns we are experiencing are all part of the breakthroughs we are creating on a collective level. Don’t give up, don’t be dismayed, channel your passion into service and action. We are  here to bring love, compassion, understanding and connection, especially in these revolutionary times.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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